Shock as Steve Jobs action figure actually looks like Steve Jobs

A new Steve Jobs action figure is being released, but the real shock is that the 12-inch figure from In Icons actually looks like Jobs. With most action figures only vaguely resembling the people they’re supposed to portray, has In Icons become the first company to create a figure that is genuinely accurate?

Action figures have come a long way from the days when a bloke simply chiselled out a vague likeness in a hit-and-miss manner. Lasers and high-tech scanning are the order of the day, but the industry still has a patchy track record. The Steve Jobs figure, however, genuinely looks like a little Steve Jobs. In fact, some people on Twitter have been commenting that it’s spookily accurate.

Of course, the figure isn’t really an ‘action figure’, in the sense that fanboys and fangirls are unlikely to be pitting the toy against Megatron and Skeletor on their office floors. But the Steve Jobs… model… is reportedly already selling extremely well. Now we just have to wait for the return of Robot Chicken so we can see what mini-Jobs can really do.


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