2012 Presidential Campaign, Michelle Bachmann

Michele Bachmann suspending presidential campaign

Michele Bachmann is reportedly suspending her presidential campaign. Confirmation is expected to come in the next few hours at a press conference at the Marriott in West Des Moines, hours after it was revealed that she is skipping a planned campaign trip to South Carolina.

Bachmann trailed in a distant sixth in Tuesday’s Iowa caucuses, despite having topped straw polls in the state earlier in the year. She initially insisted that she would soldier on with her campaign despite the setback, but she appears to have decided to suspend the campaign. As with Herman Cain late last year, ‘suspend’ means it’s the end of the road.

Bachmann was once tipped as a genuine challenger for the Republican nomination, but her campaign lacked momentum and many of her supporters drifted away to rivals such as Cain and Rick Perry. With Cain also out of the race, attention will turn to Perry, who also performed badly in Iowa this week and who is expected to end his own campaign in the next few days.


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