Dakota Fanning Cosmopolitan cover sparks complaints and petition

Has Cosmopolitan gone too far? A recent issue featured teen star Dakota Fanning on the cover, prompting the launch of a petition to get the magazine sold in a non-transparent cover to over-18s only. Have fashion magazines in general become too sexual, or are some people simply out of step with modern life?

The petition has been launched by Nicole Weider, who is worried that the magazine is allegedly marketing itself to teens. And she’s getting some mainstream press coverage for her campaign. However, some critics argue that there’s nothing inherently wrong with a magazine being targeted at late teens, and that there’s a world of difference between, for example, a 17-year-old and a 13-year-old.

The other concern is where such censorship would end. After all, what causes moer potential damage to teen girls: a Dakota Fanning Cosmopolitan cover, or TV shows starring the likes of the Kardashians? Would you rather walk into the room to find your 17-year-old daughter reading Cosmopolitan or the Daily Mail?


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