Is Adam Ant dead? No, it’s another Twitter death hoax

Adam Ant, beloved British musician and afficianado of face paint, isn’t dead. That’s despite some news stories that are spreading on Twitter, based on a fake news page that has – not for the first time – caused a panic.

Most of the tweets on the subject are simple messages of sadness at news of the singer’s passing, but a few link to a ‘news site’ that seems to carry the story of his death in a jet ski accident. That site, as it confirms itself, is completely fake.

So Adam Ant isn’t dead, or – if he is – it’s a massive coincidence. This is the first big Twitter death hoax of 2012, but you can bet there’ll be others, probably involving the likes of Tony Danza and Bill Cosby.


About Michael R. Gideon

Writer, teacher, dog walker, guitarist, husband, father, reader, journalist etc. I mainly write at 100gf | Politics and Computers, but occasionally at other sites such as TV Vomit and Indie Bookspot. My Google Plus profile.


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