Obituary: Blockbusters host and former James Bond actor Bob Holness dies aged 83

Bob Holness, the British TV and radio presenter best known for hosting the quiz show Blockbusters, has died in his sleep aged 83. He was also one of a handful of actors to have played James Bond.

Holness hosted a number of British TV shows before, in 1983, he took on the presenting role on Blockbusters. For more than a decade, the show was a mainstay of early evening ITV programming, and Holness became something of a cult figure.

Earlier, in the late 50s, he had played James Bond in a radio adaptation of Moonraker. However, he didn’t play saxophone on Gerry Rafferty’s classic Baker Street, despite a persistent rumour that was first spread in the 80s and has refused to die over the years.


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