Mysterious Canadian farmhouse with padlocked dungeon mysteriously burns down

Here’s a pretty strange story from Canada. In late December, it was reported that police investigating an abandoned farmhouse in Pickering, southern Ontario discovered that the place had a padlocked basement dungeon. Now that investigation has been somewhat impeded after the house mysteriously burnt down.

It’s a story with lots of questions but, so far, few answers. Initial reports stated that the dungeon was definitely a ‘confinement room’, about 12ft by 8ft, though there was no-one confined in it when it was found. The house’s previous owners were contacted as part of the investigation, but police are apparently satisfied that they had nothing to do with it. So who built it, and why, and who – if anyone – was ever confined in the dungeon?

To this list of questions, we must now add: who burnt the place down, and why? The fire at the 136-year-old farmhouse is being treated as suspicious, and is so far unexplained. However, if you’d like a nightmare tonight, here are some photos from inside the confinement room (pre fire). Some people have speculated that the room was built as the set for an independent film, which is an optimistic idea.


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