Obituary: Beano priest Barrington Bennetts dies aged 79

A Cornish pub landlord and priest who was immortalised in the pages of the Beano comic has died at the age of 79. Barrington Bennetts was only the second ‘real’ person to appaer in the comic when he popped up in a 2002 strip.

In the one-page cartoon, Barrington was portrayed as the purveyor of pop to Beanotown. Cartoonist Nick Brennan based the character on Barrington. The only other ‘real’ person to have appeared in the comic at the time was footballer David Beckham.

As well as working as a priest, Barrington was the landlord of the Seven Stars pub, which was known  for its traditional atmosphere and its drinks such as Grandma’s Weapons Grade Ginger Beer.


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