2012 Presidential Campaign

Ron Paul urges other GOP candidates to drop out and support him against Mitt Romney

Ron Paul’s campaign chair Jesse Benton has urged the other GOP candidates to drop out of the race and unite behind Paul in an effort to defeat Mitt Romney. Benton was speaking after Paul came second in the New Hampshire primary, underlining his position as arguably the only candidate who can now beat Romney to the Republican nomination.

Paul has been dogged by persistent claims in the media that he can’t win the contest. Nevertheless, at almost every stage of this long, drawn-out Republican nomination process he has proved the doubters wrong. As I’ve written before, you don’t have to be a fan of Ron Paul’s position on specific issues to recognise that his candidacy has surpassed expectations, and that Paul has consistently proven the doubters wrong.

The question now is whether Paul can gather the necessary support in South Carolina to mount an effective challenge to Mitt Romney. Republicans have been desperately searching for someone to oppose Romney, while arguably ignoring the fact that such a candidate has been right under their noses all along. Having been edged out towards the margins of the party, can Ron Paul still fight back and take the centre?



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