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YouTube videos seem to show US soldiers urinating on bodies of dead Afghans

A series of videos, uploaded anonymously to YouTube, appear to show US soldiers urinating on the bodies of dead Afghans. The provenance of the videos is unclear, but they are believed to be genuine. A US defence department spokesman has told CNN that the videos will be investigated.

The videos show scenes such as a group of soldiers urinating on dead bodies. I’ve removed the link because, as expected, the original video has been taken down, though copies are now easy to find on YouTube. The description of the video claims that the bodies are Taliban soldiers. Regardless of the identities of the bodies, however, the videos appear to show serious examples of corpses being desecrated.

This isn’t the first time that US soldiers have been accused of desecrating bodies in combat zones, and defence department officials will be keen to ensure that this is portrayed as a one-off incident.


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One thought on “YouTube videos seem to show US soldiers urinating on bodies of dead Afghans

  1. God Bless Michael R. Gideon for his unbiased reporting.

    Concerning the Abu Ghraib Scandal during the Bush Presidency, The Media did everything in its power to tie that Scandal directly to President Bush. It was used as a reason to dislike the President, his policy and Administration.

    Thank you, Michael, correcting that wrong, for stating the facts, and recognizing that Barack Obama need not be mentioned in this article.

    Posted by Javier Mendez | January 12, 2012, 8:49 pm

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