Michael Gove allegedly suggests the Queen should get a new yacht for her diamond jubilee

Britain’s Education Secretary Michael Gove has allegedly suggested giving the Queen a new royal yacht for her diamond jubilee, a move that could cost up to £60m. The alleged suggestion comes at a time when cuts are being made to schools, hospitals and other important areas of public life.

It’s unclear whether a yacht is indeed on the agenda, although there has been a muted reaction to the idea so far. The Queen’s diamond jubilee is likely to be marked in a slightly less expensive way, although Gove is obviously free to buy her a yacht with his own money if he wishes.

Uncharitable souls have suggested that a yacht would be a splendid idea so long as the first voyage is a cruise close to the Italian coast. Perhaps with Michael Gove as a guest onboard? It’ll be interesting to see how the public reacts if a yacht is indeed ordered.


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