SOPA blackout list grows, as Google confirms plan to include link on homepage

The list of websites planning a blackout or some other form of anti-SOPA protest on Wednesday January 18th continues to grow. Google has confirmed that it plans to put a link on its homepage in solidarity with the various sites that are going to go silent in an attempt to raise awareness of this crucial issue.

As well as Google’s homepage link plan, there will be blackouts at sites including Reddit, Imgur, Wikipedia (English version), Boing Boing and an estimated 10,000 other smaller sites. Many people are planning to have a blackout on their blogs, and the cumulative impact could be significant. 100gf | Politics and Computers will be joining the protest, though not blacking out because that would be impossible with the current infrastructure that we use.

Politicians hoping that they would be able to slip a bill as stupid and ill-considered as SOPA into law without the public noticing will be sorely disappointed. Although SOPA and its pal PIPA seem to be losing momentum, now would be the wrong moment to assume the battle has been won. Hopefully, this time tomorrow a lot more people will know about SOPA and PIPA and the attempt by US entertainment companies to grab power.

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Writer, teacher, dog walker, guitarist, husband, father, reader, journalist etc. I mainly write at 100gf | Politics and Computers, but occasionally at other sites such as TV Vomit and Indie Bookspot. My Google Plus profile.


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