Why hasn’t Facebook joined the SOPA / PIPA blackout? [OPINION]

As one of the world’s biggest websites, Facebook is in a perfect position to help spread awareness of the SOPA / PIPA lunacy. Yet the social networking site seems ominously quiet on the subject.

Facebook stands to be affected by SOPA and PIPA as much as anyone, given the fact that so many of the site’s 800m+ users share billions of links every day. So the site certainly can’t imagine that it will escape unscathed if the bills pass. In fact, the very existence of Facebook could become unviable.

Many large websites are wary of being seen to be too political. If that’s the case here, it’s a poor defence. The situation is already political, and silence is itself a political act when you’re under attack. Facebook, like Twitter, could have really helped fight back against SOPA and PIPA. The fact that they didn’t says a lot about them.


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3 thoughts on “Why hasn’t Facebook joined the SOPA / PIPA blackout? [OPINION]

  1. I agree . FaceBook and Twitters silence is almost as revolting as the PIPA / SOPA bills !
    The founders of both companies have made billions from the same internet that is now under threat., its disgusting that they are hiding in their towers letting others fight for them.
    I never was a fan of Zuckerburg , but his silence has been beyond the pale. Twitters founders are not much better .,
    Stand up and fight , you behave like cowards. Remember what made you who you are.

    Posted by beemoo | January 18, 2012, 10:10 am
  2. Facebook’s lack of participation can be explained by one simple word: MONEY

    They make millions a day in advertising, and this close to their upcoming IPO, in which they expect to make billions, their deafening silence is most likely related. This is literally the explanation provided by twitter.

    Posted by Robert M. | January 18, 2012, 11:14 am
    • Yeah but do Facebook think they’re gonna be immune from the implications of SOPA and PIPA? If the bills pass, Facebook might come to regret their silence… Then again, they can probably look after themselves regardless of what happens. It’s the littler guys who are more in danger. The bills effectively allow the entertainment industry to regulate the free expression of knowledge online, well… on the ‘main’ internet at least. “Go to sleep, America”…

      Posted by Andrew Beck | January 18, 2012, 11:27 am

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