New Anonymous links could launch a DDOS attack from your computer without your knowledge

Anonymous has apparently found a new way to launch wide-rooted DDOS attacks against its targets, and it’s an ingenious method that involves encouraging people to click on a specific link. If the user doesn’t have javascript disabled, the link can then launch a DDOS attack (basically trying to flood the server) from the user’s computer, without the user ever realising.

From a legal standpoint, the method could cause serious problems for authorities who attempt to prosecute those involved in DDOS attacks. The existence of the new system means it is now reasonable for anyone to claim that they were unaware that they were participating in such an attack. Such uncertainty will make the authorities’ job harder, though not impossible, as they continue to try to deal with groups like Anonymous.

The concern now would be that if this relevant code could be snuck into a popular site, the DDOS attack could be magnified many times over. Clicking links is becoming a dangerous game. Additionally, you can be sure that other groups will already be using their own version of the link trick, which could become more prevalent than ever during 2012.

Ultimately, the new trick allows users to use a ‘plausible deniability’ defence, something that many politicians and corrupt businesses have been successfully been deploying for many years. And supporters of Anonymous would likely argue that a DDOS attack is a reasonable response to the permanent denial of service doled out to sites like Megaupload recently. A lot of people are speculating that an online war against the US government has begun. That sounds like rhetoric for now, but rhetoric can start wars, and 2012 looks set to be, at least, very interesting for those following the ongoing tech soap opera.


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