New photos reveal details of uncontacted Mashco-Piro tribe in Peru

New photos reveal, in unprecedented detail, images of one of the last uncontacted Peruvian tribes. The Mashco-Piro tribe lives near the Manu National Park in southeastern Peru, and has had virtually no peaceful contact with the rest of the world. But a Spanish archaeologist has now managed to get images of the tribe from as close as 120m away.

Attempts to make contact with the Mashco-Piro tribe have traditionally gone badly. One recent close call ended with arrows being fired by the tribe, and it seems fairly clear that the Mashco-Piro tribe have decided that they’d rather not make contact with the outside world. They might not have much choice soon, though, as industrial logging continues to encroach upon their land.

Campaigners warn that encounters with uncontacted tribes are becoming increasingly violent as the tribes seek to defend their ancestral homes against interlopers. In 2011, an uncontacted tribe in Brazil was reportedly massacred by drug-runners. Governments in South America often pay merely lip service to the idea of defending the integrity of these uncontacted tribes, and the case of teh Mashco-Piro clearly shows that the problems are getting worse.


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