Anonymous hacks into, leaks Scotland Yard / FBI phone call

Members of Anonymous have hacked into, recorded and leaked a phone call between British and US officials discussing cyber-security issues. The recording, which was released on Friday with a few sensitive names bleeped out by the hackers, has the potential to be at best highly embarrassing for British and US forces, and at worst a possible threat to attempts to prosecute a number of individuals.

In the call, British officials are heard making fun of Sheffield, describing one suspect as a pain, and admitting that they have ‘cocked things up’ in the past. Some people have also questioned the tone of the British officers, arguing that they seem very eager to please their US counterparts.

The leak will raise questions about the security of FBI and Scotland Yard communications, particularly in the wake of news earlier this week about mistakenly released email addresses. It remains to be seen whether lawyers for some of the alleged hackers are able to successfully argue that there are grounds for possible rethinking of some of the claims against their clients in the wake of the release of the leaked call. But the fact that a relatively sensitive transatlantic phone call was hacked in this way is likely to undermine confidence in the ability of security forces to deal with Anonymous and LulzSec.


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