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Romanian PM Emil Boc announces resignation in wake of austerity protests

Romania’s prime minister Emil Boc has announced that he is to resign in the wake of mass protests at his government’s austerity program. Having been in office since 2008, he instituted austerity measures in 2010 that he says were painful but necessary. While resigning, he has defended his record in power, arguing that Romania’s economic situation is stronger than the EU average.

Austerity measures have been passed in a number of countries in the region in recent years, but the success of this approach has been mixed at best. While some believe that austerity is the best way to deal with spiralling debt, others argue that targeted investment is the best way to stimulate moribund economies. For some, austerity measures simply see the general population forced to pay for the mistakes of bankers and politicians who continue to feel no real consequences of their previous mistakes.

Emil Boc has called upon Romania’s political parties to come together and find a way to create a new political blueprint for the country. That could be difficult in a country that has seen increasingly bitter words exchanged between political leaders. However, Boc’s resignation might be the change that many have been seeking as Romania continues to try to shore up its economic situation.


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