Does new video show a real, live woolly mammoth in Siberia?

A new video is claiming to show a real, live woolly mammoth in Siberia. The video, said to have been recorded by an engineer during summer 2011, has been going viral, leading some people to speculate that a hidden colony of the beasts – thought to have become extinct 3,500 years ago – might have surfaced in the arctic wilderness.

The video, which you can see here, has been described by some as simply a bear with something large in its mouth (hence the ‘trunk’), by some as an elephant, by some as computer trickery, and by some as a real mammoth. It’s not clear why the video only lasts for about half a minute, and it is unfortunately (but perhaps not surprisingly) rather blurry.

There have been rumours for many years that woolly mammoths might have survived in Siberia, and the idea is just about plausible given that large parts of the area are rarely explored by mankind. The discovery of a real woolly mammoth would be sensational, but experts are warning people not to get too excited just yet.

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