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The death of Greece? [OPINION]

Greece is a failed state, held together by the will of EU leaders and memories of nationhood. Violence has erupted on the country’s streets over the past week, as the Greek populace continues to rage against the austerity measures imposed by a woefully incompetent political class. Seriously: at every step, the EU’s politicians have made the worst possible decisions. Greece is a catastrophe, and it’s time to start apportioning blame so that we can ensure the same thing never happens elsewhere.

If the EU had any power of Greece, it was this: the idea that the EU could step in and save Greece from the failures of Greek politicians. Such a notion now lies in tatters: the EU’s forced austerity has crippled Greece and has led to unprecedented social upheaval. The country long since passed from democracy to a kind of imposed DemocraticTM system that has failed miserably and totally. Greece is a litmus test of the EU’s approach to the financial crisis, and it shows that the EU lacks the ability to deal with its problems. Greece today, Italy and Spain tomorrow. And then what?

Looki at Greece today and you see pure anger on the streets. Anger at a political class that is unable to deliver the necessary solutions. If our politicians can’t deal with this type of problem, then what is their purpose? If they add more problems than they solve, what good are they? Greece needs to be put back on a stable course, and the frustrating thing is that this would be fairly easy to acheive if only those in charge could be persuaded to move away from their constant failures. Put the right people in charge, and Greece would be saved tomorrow. The people know that. That’s why they’re angry.


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One thought on “The death of Greece? [OPINION]

  1. ‘Put the right people in charge, and Greece would be saved tomorrow.’
    Wrong, they are in desperate need of an Honest system. And an complete about face on 50 years of Leftist Euro Kook doctrine. Humans are, and always will be, imperfect. As soon as you realize that, the better. Not Obama, Not Merkel, Nobody.

    Posted by The Flint Pistol | February 15, 2012, 2:06 am

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