Facebook spam claims to offer Whitney Houston autopsy photos, video

Just days after the death of Whitney Houston, Facebook has begun to see spam offering users the chance to view photos and videos from the star’s autopsy. Needless to say, this is a scam designed to get people to take part in surveys, and there are no such images circulating.

Pretty much every high-profile news event these days leads to this type of scam. The idea for the scammers is to lure people to a website where they are tricked into taking part in a survey before they can see the supposed video. Users complete the survey and are then redirected to some site where there is no video to be found, while the scammers pocked commission for the surveys.

Variations on the scam claim to offer material from various reputable websites, and some claim that there is a ‘shocking secret’ on offer. Some versions also tell you that you need to install an update for your video player before you can see the video, which isn’t true and could potentially leave users open to malware being installed on their systems.



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