Wikileaks / Anonymous release 5.5m alleged Stratfor emails, CEO George Friedman insists he has not resigned

Wikileaks has begun to release a cache of 5.5m emails that it claims are allegedly from servers of US security company Stratfor. It’s believed that the cache comes from Anonymous, but that Anonymous chose not to release the emails themselves because (presumably) they preferred not to risk exposing themselves by setting up a large permanent database of this type.

Stratfor’s CEO George Friedman was rumoured to have resigned, with copies of his resignation email reportedly also surfacing online. But the company insists he has not resigned. It’s worth pointing out that the alleged resignation email was marked ‘draft’. The company has also released a pretty defiant response to the latest development.

Stratfor has made little comment about the emails so far, but it remains to be seen how and whether the company is able to come back from this. The list of allegations emerging from the emails is already staggering and they’ve only been released for a short time so far. This is looking like it could be as big a story as the US cable leak from a while ago. But it’s unclear so far as to what, if anything, will be done by US officials to address the problems apparently being exposed.



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