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Colbert Show to resume taping on Monday following brief unplanned hiatus

The Colbert Report is to resume taping on Monday following a brief hiatus called unexpectedly last week. There are reports that Stephen Colbert took time off to care for his 91-year-old mother, although that hasn’t been confirmed. News of the show’s brief hiatus caused concern for fans, who noted that it was unusual for a … Continue reading

Obituary: Dalziel and Pascoe author Reginald Hill dies aged 75

Reginald Hill, one of Britain’s most successful and prolific crime writers of recent years, has died at the age of 75. He had been suffering from a brain tumour. From 1970 onwards, Hill’s Dalziel and Pascoe grew to become one of the UK’s most successful modern fictional detective duos. A successful BBC adaptation ran from … Continue reading

Injured F1 driver Robert Kubica breaks leg in Italy after slipping on ice

Police Formula One driver Robert Kubica, already facing a long lay-off as he continues to recover from injuries sustained in a rally crash last year, has suffered another setback today after apparently injuring his leg when he slipped on ice near his home in Pietrasanta, Italy. Reports suggest Kubica has re-opened the fracture to his … Continue reading

Photo leads to rumours of Fidel Castro’s death, but claims seem to be premature

There are fresh rumours on Twitter that Cuba’s Fidel Castro has died. The rumours seem to have been spurred by a single photo, of unknown origin, that claims to show Castro’s body. However, it would appear that Castro is in fact still alive, at least as far as anyone can tell. Reports from within Cuba … Continue reading

Obituary: US civil rights activist Gordon Hirabayashi dies aged 93

Gordon Hirabayashi, the US sociologist who was among the few to make a stand against Japanese-American internment during the Second World War, has died at the age of 93. As the US government pushed to intern Japanese-Americans in prison camps during the war, for fear that they might constitute a ‘fifth column’ within the country, … Continue reading

US teenager Kevin Lunsmann is free after being held by Philippines rebels for 5 months

A US teenager has been freed in the Philippines after spending 5 months being held captive by rebels. It’s not clear whether Kevin Lunsmann, 14, was let go deliberately, or whether he escaped. Kevin Lunsmann was abducted in July along with his mother Gerfa Yeatts Lunsmann and his cousin. His mother was freed in October … Continue reading

Justin Bieber stabbed by fan outside NYC nightclub? New Facebook scam spreads

A new Facebook scam is claiming (falsely) that Justin Bieber has been stabbed by a crazed fan outside a New York nightclub. The scam comes complete with a rather gruesome photo of someone’s back covered in slash marks; needless to say, this is not Bieber’s back at all. The scam invites users to click on … Continue reading

American Joe Gordon sentenced to jail for insulting Thai king

An American man has been sentenced to two and a half years in jail for allegedly insulting the Thai king. Joe Gordon, 55, is the latest person to be jailed in the country under the lese majeste rules that prohibit any kind of criticism of the monarch. Gordon allegedly translated portions of a book that … Continue reading

12-year-old Ramie Grimmer reportedly posted to Facebook shortly before being shot dead

12-year-old Ramie Grimmer, who was shot dead earlier this week along with her brother Timothy after a seven-hour standoff in a Texas welfare office, reportedly posted to Facebook shortly before being shot, saying that she feared she would not survive. The children were critically injured after allegedly being shot dead by their mother Rachelle Grimmer, … Continue reading

Oregon State football player Fred Thompson dies after collapsing

An Oregon State football player has died after collapsing while playing a game of basketball. Fred Thompson, 19, was transported to the nearby¬†Good Samaritan Hospital in Corvallis but was pronounced dead shortly after arrival. Thompson was a freshman defensive tackle from Richmond, California. He was played basketball on Wednesday evening at the Dixon Recreation Center … Continue reading