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Michael Burrows is a freelance TV journalist and writer, public relations manager, and MA Creative Writing student. He lives in Bristol and his hobbies include windsurfing, kayaking and microwaving bad food.
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Google+ is growing faster than Facebook, but does that tell the whole story?

Google+ is on track to hit the 400m user mark by the end of 2012, having hit 60m after just six months. Given that it took reportedly Facebook four years to hit the 60m mark, this means that according to some estimates Google+ is allegedly growing 800% faster than Facebook at the corresponding points in … Continue reading

XXX porn domains now available, but will they be used to censor the internet?

The .xxx domain names, previously only available as part of a restricted pre-sale, are now generally available. But with their release comes concern at the prospect that they could be used to censor sites containing sexual material, and some people fear that porn sites could eventually be forced away from the .com world altogether. Critics … Continue reading

Wikileaks releases ‘Spy Files’ covering alleged government spying on citizens

Modern technology makes it easier than ever for governments and corporations to spy on large numbers of people. So easy, in fact, that sometimes they even do it by accident (they say). And now Wikileaks has launched The Spy Files, which aims to raise awareness of the extent to which citizens’ emails and phones are … Continue reading

US preacher Billy Graham admitted to hospital with possible pneumonia

93-year-old US preacher Billy Graham has reportedly been admitted to Mission Hospital in Asheville with suspected pneumonia. The legendary Southern Baptist preacher was previously treated for pneumonia back in May this year. During his decades-long career, Billy Graham has appeared before stadium crowds. He shot to fame on TV and radio, and has since given … Continue reading

Facebook increases maximum status update size to more than 60,000 characters

The maximum size of a Facebook status update has been increased again, and is now ‘at least’ 60,000 characters. That’s a mammoth 12 times the previous limit of 5,000, and it means that a single Facebook update could contain 428 tweets. To get a sense of the size Facebook now offers, an average novel (if … Continue reading

Emma Sullivan refuses to apologise over Sam Brownback tweet

A Kansas City teenager is refusing to apologise about a tweet she sent regarding governor Sam Brownback. According to Emma Sullivan, any apology would be insincere since she’s not sorry, and she’s likely to miss Monday’s deadline to file her apology. The high school senior saw Brownback in Topeka last week. She tweeted that she … Continue reading

Facebook Christmas tree app virus hoax spreads on Facebook

A Christmas tree app virus hoax that warns users against clicking on malware is doing the rounds on Facebook. But the whole set-up is a hoax and there’s no malware, just a wave of message spam sweeping majestically across the Facebook plains. There seems to be no reason for the spam, other than to clog … Continue reading

Has Anonymous created a ‘Fawkes Virus’ Facebook worm?

You might remember that some Anonymous members claimed they’d be attacking Facebook on November 5th. Nothing seemed to come of that threat, but now there are claims that the attack was actually a more subtle, under-the-radar deployment of something called the Fawkes Virus, a Facebook worm that spreads socially and can take control of users’ … Continue reading

Iran admits nuclear sites hit by ‘Son of Stuxnet’ Duqu worm

Iranian authorities have admitted that the so-called ‘Son of Stuxnet’ worm Duqu has been detected at some of their nuclear facilities. State-controlled news agency IRNA says that it’s not yet clear how far Duqu has spread through the country’s nuclear systems, or how bad the damage might be. Iran has long admitted that it harbours … Continue reading

Twilight fans being targeted by hackers, Norton warns

Online security experts Norton have warned that fans of teen vampire franchise Twilight are being targeted by hackers, who are attempting to ‘poison’ links for popular search terms related to the upcoming release of the film  Twilight: Breaking Dawn (part 1). Clicking on some of the links could result in viruses or keyloggers being installed … Continue reading