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Test Post: Please Ignore

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LulzSec no more? FBI allegedly works with Hector Xavier Monsegur, aka Sabu, to bring down hacking group

LulzSec appears to have been taken down from within. According to Fox News and several other sources, a key member of the group – allegedly 28-year-old Hector Xavier Monsegur, aka Sabu – was ‘turned’ by the FBI during 2011. Six alleged members of LulzSec have been arrested, and the group looks to have been pretty … Continue reading

Obituary: conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart dies aged 43

Andrew Breitbart, one of the leading conservative commentators in recent US history, has died at the age of 43. He died unexpectedly from natural causes in Los Angeles, but further details have not been released. In recent years, Breitbart’s Big Government website has become one of the most popular, but also controversial, political sites. Loved … Continue reading

Guatemala, Colombia and Mexico considering legalizing drugs trade

Three South American countries are reported to be considering legalizing the drugs trade, in a move that could seriously stymie ongoing western attempts to ensure that illicit drugs are kept under control. By rejecting the US ‘war on drugs’, Guatemala, Colombia and Mexico risk beginning a high-profile debate in which international sanctions could end up … Continue reading

Wikileaks / Anonymous release 5.5m alleged Stratfor emails, CEO George Friedman insists he has not resigned

Wikileaks has begun to release a cache of 5.5m emails that it claims are allegedly from servers of US security company Stratfor. It’s believed that the cache comes from Anonymous, but that Anonymous chose not to release the emails themselves because (presumably) they preferred not to risk exposing themselves by setting up a large permanent … Continue reading

Caitlin Beadles reportedly diagnosed with stomach cancer

Sources on Twitter are suggesting that Caitlin Beadles has allegedly been diagnosed with stomach cancer. It’s not clear whether this is true, and it’s always kind of hard to know when these stories are correct and when they’re just Chinese whispers. It was reported last year that Caitlin Beadles had Crohn’s Disease, and at the … Continue reading

Glenda Monster becomes Twitter trend after apparent bullying suicide

Twitter is flooded tonight with messages about Glenda Monster, reportedly a Lady Gaga fan who committed suicide because she was being bullied. As is usually the case with these trends, it’s not possible to verify if the actual story behind the claims is true. If the Glenda Monster story turns out to be true, she … Continue reading

The death of Greece? [OPINION]

Greece is a failed state, held together by the will of EU leaders and memories of nationhood. Violence has erupted on the country’s streets over the past week, as the Greek populace continues to rage against the austerity measures imposed by a woefully incompetent political class. Seriously: at every step, the EU’s politicians have made … Continue reading

Obituary: singer Whitney Houston found dead aged 48

Whitney Houston, one of the most popular singer of the past few decades, has died at the age of 48. She was found dead in a Los Angeles hotel room and her death was formally confirmed by doctors at 15:55 local time. The cause of death is not yet clear. Houston is believed to have … Continue reading

Is Kim Jong-Un dead? Twitter and Weibo reports claim North Korea’s leader assassinated in Beijing

Reports on Weibo and Twitter are claiming that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has been assassinated. However, despite a few blurry photos of cars at the North Korean embassy in Beijing, there seems to be absolutely no proof of the story, and most people are currently assuming that it’s fake. The story claims that gunmen … Continue reading