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Major Rick Santorum primary upsets leave Mitt Romney humiliated

Rick Santorum produced one of the more improbable comebacks in this seesawing Republican primary contest on Tuesday, winning Colorado and Minnesota as well as the non-binding ‘beauty contest’ in Missouri. His victories are important not because they signify he has a chance to win the Republican nomination (although stranger things have happened), but because they … Continue reading

Mitt Romney aims for strong Florida performance to fend off Newt Gingrich challenge

Mitt Romney looks set to take a strong victory in Florida this weekend, with the aim of stabilising his tottering presidential campaign. Nothing less than a commanding win for Romney will be good enough to silence the critics who worry that he looks set to squander a lead that once looked unassailable. Newt Gingrich was … Continue reading

Newt Gingrich wins South Carolina primary, throwing Republican race into chaos

Three Republican primaries so far, and three different winners. Newt Gingrich stormed to a commanding victory on Saturday evening, taking 40% of the vote compared to Mitt Romney’s 28%. While Gingrich was always expected to do well here, and Romney was always expected to struggle, the margin of Gingrich’s victory suggests a real fight is … Continue reading

Gingrich and Paul score well in last-chance South Carolina GOP debate

Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul scored well as they attempted to use Thursday’s presidential debate to boost their chances in this week’s South Carolina vote. Both men know that if they fail again to stop Mitt Romney taking the victory, the path to the White House will become much more difficult. Newt Gingrich started the … Continue reading

Rick Perry quits Republican presidential race as ABC prepares ‘bombshell’ Marianne Gingrich interview

Rick Perry is out of the Republican presidential race, and is apparently endorsing Newt Gingrich has he goes. Perry’s campaign was expected to dazzle, and his mediocre, gaffe-ridden performance has been one of the genuine surprises of the past few months. Not only has Perry ruined his chances for 2012, some believe he’s permanently locked … Continue reading

Jon Huntsman to quit Republican presidential race, endorses Mitt Romney

Jon Huntsman is quitting the Republican presidential race, and will endorse Mitt Romney in the process. Huntsman is reportedly bowing to the inevitable after his disappointing showing in the New Hampshire primary earlier this month, a contest that he had hoped to win. Huntsman’s candidacy never really took off, and he failed to make an … Continue reading

US conservative leaders choose Rick Santorum as their man to go up against Mitt Romney

A gathering of US conservative leaders has apparently resulted in a decision to back Rick Santorum in the upcoming southern primaries. Santorum will likely gain a boost from the decision, but it’s a move that is ultimately likely to help Romney secure his party’s nomination. It was reported last week that southern evangelical leaders were … Continue reading

Guy asks Mitt Romney and Ron Paul about medical marijuana, videos show their VERY different responses

So here’s a guy with muscular dystrophy asking Mitt Romney about medical marijuana, and then asking Ron Paul about the same thing. The videos are a few years old, but they do reveal something not only about the different opinions of the two candidates, but also about the different ways in which they engage with … Continue reading

Panic as social conservatives and evangelical leaders try to mount one final Stop Mitt Romney campaign

Social conservatives and evangelical leaders are viewing the South Carolina primary on January 21st as their final chance to stop Mitt Romney taking the Republican presidential nomination. Various groups are expected to gather this week to discuss tactics, with some Republicans fearing a bitter civil war within the party regardless of the outcome. It’s well-established … Continue reading

Ron Paul urges other GOP candidates to drop out and support him against Mitt Romney

Ron Paul’s campaign chair Jesse Benton has urged the other GOP candidates to drop out of the race and unite behind Paul in an effort to defeat Mitt Romney. Benton was speaking after Paul came second in the New Hampshire primary, underlining his position as arguably the only candidate who can now beat Romney to … Continue reading