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First hybrid sharks discovered off coast of Australia

World-first hybrid sharks have been discovered off the coast of Australia, raising the possibility that the creatures are adapting to deal with the growing impact of climate change. The larger common black-tip shark was found to be hybridising with the smaller Australian black-tip shark. The discovery is significant because the two sharks tend to inhabit … Continue reading

World’s oldest dog, Pusuke, dies in Japan aged 26 and three quarters

Pusuke, officially recognised as the world’s oldest dog, has died in Japan. Aged 26 years and nine months, Pusuke died peacefully on Wednesday evening, two days after suddenly refusing to eat. The dog’s age would be the equivalent of about 125 in human years. Living in Sakura, Tochigi Prefecture, Pusuke was owned by Yumiko Shinohara. … Continue reading

Eight years after she vanished, Petunia the dog is found in California

A dog who went missing eight years ago in Virginia is to be reunited with her owners after she turned up in California. Vets scanned a microchip after the dog, named Petunia, was taken to an animal shelter. It’s not clear how Petunia made the cross-country trip. The American Staffordshire terrier went missing from her … Continue reading

Chinese dog guards grave of master Lao Pan

A dog in the Chinese village of Panjiatun has attracted international attention by refusing to leave the grave of his recently deceased owner. Since Lao Pan was buried, his dog has remained rooted to the spot. Residents have been bringing food and water to the dog, and are planning to build him a kennel. The … Continue reading

Sacramento school shuts following snake infestation

A school in Sacramento, California has had to shut its doors after developing a snake infestation. No-one has been bitten, but five five Northern Pacific Rattle Snakes have reportedly been found over the past month, some of them in classrooms. Classes at the school have been cancelled for the week and now won’t be back … Continue reading

Humphrey the Hippo kills owner Marius Els in South Africa

A man has been killed in Free State, South Africa after his pet hippo bit him to death. Marius Els, 40, had allegedly been warned that his attempt to domesticate the animal would lead to disaster. The 1 tonne hippo lived on Els’ 400-acre farm and swam with humans. Els claimed that his relationship with … Continue reading

Africa’s Western Black Rhino officially declared extinct

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has officially declared Africa’s Western Black Rhino to be extinct, and says that two others – the Northern White Rhino of central Africa and the Javan Rhino – are probably also extinct. The Northern White Rhino once roamed parts of Uganda, Chad, South Sudan, the Central African Republican and the … Continue reading

Jack the JFK cat dies weeks after being rescued

Jack the cat, who vanished at New York’s JFK airport only to turn up two months later, has died. He was on the brink of death when he was found in late October, but it had been hoped that intensive veterinary treatment might save him. Jack vanished on August 25th before a scheduled flight with … Continue reading

Daniel the miracle beadle up for adoption after surviving gas chamber

A beadle dog named Daniel is up for adoption after miraculously surviving a gas chamber. The animal should have been killed by the carbon monoxide in the chamber, administered by the Animal Control Department in Florence, Alabama. Instead, he walked out with his tail wagging. There are various theories about how Daniel survived. One is … Continue reading

PETA launches legal action against SeaWorld over alleged ‘slave’ whales

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has launched a lawsuit against the SeaWorld park chain, alleging that whales are being kept in slave-like conditions that violate the 13th Amendment. And while the case is seen as unlikely to succeed, it will doubtless raise the profile of PETA’s campaign to draw public attention to … Continue reading