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Javan rhino almost at extinction point

The Javan rhino has reportedly almost reached extinction point. Barely 50 examples of the species remain, on the Indonesian island that gave it its name. And the WWF and International Rhino Federation say that the Javan rhino will die out altogether unless more is done to deal with the illegal poaching that has pushed its … Continue reading

US man killed by shark off Australian coast

A US man has become the third person to be killed by a shark off the Australian coast in just 14 weeks. The 32-year-old, who has not been named, was diving alone near Rottnest Island, western Australia, when he was attacked. Witnesses say there was a flurry of bubbles before his body surfaced with injuries … Continue reading

Anger over killing of Zanesville wild animals, as details emerge of Terry Thompson’s death

Pictures have emerged showing dozens of exotic wild animals that were shot dead after escaping from an Ohio animal farm. Tigers, bears and lions were among the animals that were shot, but authorities say that they had no option as the potentially dangerous creatures roamed free. New details have emerged about the death of Terry … Continue reading

Wolf, infected monkey still on the loose after Zanesville animal park escape

Two animals are reportedly still on the loose in Zanesville, Ohio after a mass escape earlier in the day. A grey wolf and an allegedly Herpes-infected monkey are said to be still at large, while the rest of the 56 missing animals have been accounted for. Of the 56 animals, more than 40 have been … Continue reading

Exotic animals escape from Zanesville, Ohio park after owner’s death

Dozens of exotic animals, potentially including lions and tigers, were reportedly loose near Zanesville, Ohio on Wednesday after escaping from a wildlife park following the death of owner Terry Thompson. It’s not immediately clear how Thompson died. Police have not revealed exactly which animals have escaped, but the park had (among others) lions, tigers, cheetahs, … Continue reading

Dog found nailed upside down on cross in Maltese street

A priest in the Maltese town of Mosta got a surprise this week when he spotted a dog nailed upside down to a cross, erected outside a vacant house. The shape of a halo had been placed by the dog’s head. There was reportedly a note attached to the macabre scene, with the writer claiming … Continue reading

Scientists say ‘cyclops shark’ is real

A one-eyed shark foetus cut from the belly of its mother by fisherman was real, according to experts who have examined the specimen. There had been speculation that the whole thing was a hoax. The foetus in question was an albino suffering from cyclopia. It’s believed that the shark would not have been able to … Continue reading

Oregon’s Doug Niblack accidentally surfs great white shark

An Oregon man has accidentally swapped his surfboard for a great white shark. Doug Niblack was surfing off the resort of Seaside when the shark came up under him and dragged him along for a few seconds. Such encounters are rare but not completely unprecedented. A similar incident is reported to have occurred off Catalina … Continue reading

Experts find possible evidence of ichthyosaur-eating kraken

Did a huge sea beast like a kraken, nearly 30m long, hunt ichthyosaurs in Earth’s prehistoric waters? Experts from Massachusetts think it’s possible, after finding evidence to support the idea. There is no direct evidence of the beast’s existence, possibly because it was soft-bodied and left no bones. But the discovery of large piles of … Continue reading

Siberian conference concludes 95% chance that Yeti is real

A high-profile conference in Siberia has concluded that there’s a 95% chance of the legendary Yeti being real. And they say that they have irrefutable evidence to prove their claim. Experts and enthusiasts gathered in Tashtagol to discuss the evidence surrounding the Yeti myth. A subsequent expedition to the Azassky cave and Karatag peak in … Continue reading