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Alleged Stratfor hack could be biggest in history of Anonymous / LulzSec

Members of Anonymous and LulzSec are claiming to have carried out possibly the biggest and most significant hacking attack in their short history. They claim to have allegedly hacked Stratfor, one of the world’s leading global intelligence companies. The claims, which have not been verified by Stratfor at the time of writing, include allegations that … Continue reading

Has Anonymous created a ‘Fawkes Virus’ Facebook worm?

You might remember that some Anonymous members claimed they’d be attacking Facebook on November 5th. Nothing seemed to come of that threat, but now there are claims that the attack was actually a more subtle, under-the-radar deployment of something called the Fawkes Virus, a Facebook worm that spreads socially and can take control of users’ … Continue reading

November 5th: Is Anonymous going to ‘take down’ Facebook today?

For some time now, members of Anonymous have been promising to ‘take down’ Facebook on November 5th. The day is finally here, so will they carry through on their threat? And can they really take down one of the world’s most popular (and presumably resource-heavy) websites? The nature of the Anonymous attack on Facebook isn’t … Continue reading

Anonymous abandons plans to expose Mexico’s Zetas drug cartel

Anonymous has reportedly abandoned plans to expose to expose Mexico’s notorious Zetas drugs cartel, after warnings that any such action would trigger a bloodbath. Earlier this week, Anonymous claimed to be sitting on thousands of emails that implicated a number of people, including police officers, in shady connections with Zetas. The emails were expected to … Continue reading

Anonymous claims possession of 25,000 emails that allegedly reveal collaborators with Mexican drug gangs

Anonymous reportedly has 25,000 emails stolen from Mexican government sources. The hacking collective says that the emails allegedly reveal scores of drug cartel collaborators. If the accusations are true, the revelations could not only expose the collaborators, but could trigger violent reprisals. According to Anonymous, they have evidence of approximately 75 people who have links … Continue reading

Is OpCartel off? Anonymous reportedly backs down as Los Zetas drugs cartel sets out to track them

The much-hyped Anonymous operation against Mexico’s Los Zetas drugs cartel is reportedly on hold after it emerged that the cartel is attempting to track down Mexican members of the hacking collective. It was reported last week that Anonymous was launching Operation Cartel – or OpCartel – and would be publishing details of Mexicans, including police … Continue reading

Anonymous declares war on Mexico’s Zetas drug cartel

Anonymous has declared war on the Mexican Zetas drug cartel after a member of the hacking collective was reportedly kidnapped by gang members. This is believed to be the second time that Anonymous members have warned Zetas. According to a video posted earlier this month, Anonymous claims to have information about police officers, taxi drivers … Continue reading

Anonymous targets Oakland police as reward offered for identity of officer who shot Scott Olsen

Anonymous has begun to target the Oakland police department in the aftermath of this week’s injury suffered by Occupy Oakland protester Scott Olsen. And a $5,000 reward has been offered for the identification of the officer who allegedly fired the tear gas canister that hit Olsen in the head. The Oakland police website has been … Continue reading

Anonymous hacks police websites in support of Occupy Wall Street

Anonymous has been pretty quiet of late, leaving the spotlight to Occupy Wall Street. But Anonymous members have been promising that they have some big hacks lined up, and the first has arrived: numerous police websites, allegedly including that of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), have been hacked. Launching what they described … Continue reading

Anonymous threatens to ‘erase’ NYSE from the internet on October 10th

Members of Anonymous have made the ambitious claim that on Monday October 10th they will ‘erase’ the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) from the internet. They say that the day wil “never, ever be forgotten” and that they have declared war on the stock market. It remains to be seen what Anonymous is planning. A … Continue reading