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Apple preparing to take on Amazon with ebook revolution?

Apple is reportedly planning a new announcement (not necessarily a new product) later this month, with an event scheduled for New York City some time in late January. It’s not clear what the new launch will be about, but there’s speculation that it could be something to do with Apple’s desire to get in on … Continue reading

Shock as Steve Jobs action figure actually looks like Steve Jobs

A new Steve Jobs action figure is being released, but the real shock is that the 12-inch figure from In Icons actually looks like Jobs. With most action figures only vaguely resembling the people they’re supposed to portray, has In Icons become the first company to create a figure that is genuinely accurate? Action figures … Continue reading

Controversy over abortion advice given by Apple’s Siri program

There’s growing controversy over abortion-related advice given (or in some cases notĀ given) by Apple’s Siri software, the personal assistant program in the latest iPhone model. Researchers have discovered that in some cases Siri will allegedly refuse to give direction to abortion clinics, and might even direct users to anti-abortion centres. Apple says that there’s no … Continue reading

Apple planning to launch revolutionary iTV in 2012

Apple is reportedly planning to launch a revolutionary new TV service in 2012. The service, tentatively titled iTV, is believed to be an attempt to reconcile traditional network broadcasts with the burgeoning world of online video and internet TV channels. The recent official biography of Apple boss Steve Jobs reported that the tech guru had … Continue reading

Apple warns over 1st generation iPod Nano batteries

Apple has offered to recall and replace 1st generation iPod Nanos that have an apparent battery problem. According to the Apple website, some iPod Nanos might have overheating batteries, a problem that becomes more evident as they get older. The problem only applies to first generation iPod Nanos (i.e. from 2005 and 2006) with specific … Continue reading

Pete Townshend calls on ‘digital vampire’ Apple to do more to help musicians

The Who star Pete Townshend has called on Apple to do more to help musicians, describing the company as a ‘digital vampire’. Townshend called for Apple to employ A&R executives to spot and nurture new talent. Townsend made the comments as he delivered the inaugural John Peel lecture at the 2011 Radio Festival in Salford. … Continue reading

Steve Jobs’ final words: oh wow oh wow oh wow

More details have slipped out about the final hours of Steve Jobs’ life. It seems his final words, as he died while surrounded by family and friends, were “oh wow oh wow oh wow”. There. That should get people talking. You can interpret such things however you wish. For some people, the words will be … Continue reading

Steve Jobs reportedly warned Obama about business policies

It seems like there are new revelations every day about Steve Jobs, thanks to the upcoming biography of the late Apple boss. And the latest revelation is that he reportedly told Barack Obama that he risked becoming a one-term president if he did not change his business policies. The two met at an airport. Although … Continue reading

Could Steve Jobs have survived his cancer if he’d had surgery sooner?

Steve Jones reportedly waited nine months to undergo a crucial operation that could have prevented his death, according to his official biographer Walter Isaacson. Speaking to 60 Minutes, Isaacson says that Jobs came to regret the decision. It’s reported that Jobs was concerned about having invasive surgery and investigated alternative treatments, but that he ultimately … Continue reading

Apple’s iPhone 4S breaks records, sells 4 million in first weekend

More than 4m iPhone 4S devices were sold on the device’s first weekend alone, a record-breaking performance that has given the iPhone 4S the most successful launch of any iPhone model. Some people suggested that the lack of an iPhone 5 this year would lead many people to skip the iPhone 4S and wait for … Continue reading