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V for Vendetta author Alan Moore issues statement in support of Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning just gained a new supporter. Alan Moore, whose V for Vendetta has become a touchstone of the modern protest culture, has issued a statement in which he states that western culture is on trial over the treatment of Manning. With Bradley Manning still being held ahead of a trial at some unspecified future … Continue reading

Was Bradley Manning unfit for Iraq duty?

The Guardian claims that Bradley Manning, the British-American soldier accused of handing over classified documents to Wikileaks, was mentally unfit to be sent to Iraq. One unnamed specialist is reported to have said that the decision to send Manning to Iraq was madness, and that after his outbursts during psych sessions he should never have … Continue reading

Alleged Wikileaks source Bradley Manning to be moved from Quantico, Virginia, to new base in Kansas

After months of criticism – and possibly some pressure from Britain – the American government has announced that Bradley Manning is to be moved from the Quantico, Virginia base where he is currently being held. Manning will be moved to the Fort Leavenworth, Kansas base, a state-of-the-art facility. He has been at Quantico since July … Continue reading

P.J. Crowley resigns after critical comments about Bradley Manning’s treatment

Another day, another resignation. And once again, it’s for reasons that would strike most people as barely worth mentioning. But here we go anyway… US State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley has quit following some poorly received comments he made about the treatment of alleged Wikileaks source Bradley Manning. In the same weak that Barack Obama … Continue reading

Obama describes Manning torture as “appropriate”

Bradley Manning is being held in conditions that verge on torturous and inhumane, but Barack Obama has insisted that Pentagon officials assure him that this treatment is “appropriate”. Obama said he couldn’t go into details (i.e. couldn’t really discuss the issue), but that Manning’s safety was a factor. This is a claim that has been … Continue reading

Is Bradley Manning being tortured and humiliated?

Further to that report the other day about Bradley Manning being forced to sleep naked, it now emerges that the alleged Wikileaks leaker is apparently forced to attend roll-call naked. There’s a growing sense that Manning, who may also be facing the death penalty, might be the subject of undue victimisation while he is being … Continue reading

Bradley Manning forces to sleep naked?

Bradley Manning, the soldier accused of leaking material to Wikileaks, was apparently forced to sleep naked on at least one occasion due to a “situationally driven event”. What is a situationally driven event? God knows, but it sounds like a response to a specific occurrence. The conditions in which Manning is held have been criticised … Continue reading

Bradley Manning faces death penalty #Wikileaks

Bradley Manning, the US soldier accused of leaking thousands of files to Julian Assange and Wikileaks, has been given an additional 22 charges as part of his court martial process. Among these is Article 104, ‘aiding the enemy’, which carries a possible death sentence. Bizarrely, ‘the enemy’ remains undefined in the charges. It could be … Continue reading

Paypal lifts restrictions on Courage to Resist fund for Wikileaks source Bradley Manning

Paypal has lifted the restrictions it placed on the account of Courage to Resist, an organisation that aims to raise money for the defence fund helping Bradley Manning. Manning is the former solider who helped Wikileaks, and who has been pretty much thrown into an oubliette by the military ever since. In a blog post, … Continue reading