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Satellite catches first glimpse of China’s Varyag aircraft carrier

China’s first aircraft carrier, the Varyag, has been spotted by a satellite. Images show the huge vessel sailing in the Yellow Sea, and although it’s not doing anything unusual, the mere fact that it has been spotted has caused a stir of excitement around the world. China denied for a long time that the Varyag … Continue reading

Police surround Wukan, the Chinese village that’s at war with Beijing

Police have established a cordon around Wukan, a small village in southern China that is effectively at war with the Beijing national government. Supplies in Wukan might be running low, but the town’s 20,000 inhabitants are so far showing no sign of wavering in their determination to register their anger at the actions of officials. … Continue reading

Shenzhen to introduce Good Samaritan rule in wake of Yueyue death

The Chinese city of Shenzhen is to introduce a set of new ‘Good Samaritan rules’ in the wake of the outcry that followed the death of a toddler left dying in the street. The rules will be the first in China, and will free an individual of legal responsibility for the condition of someone they … Continue reading

Chinese dog guards grave of master Lao Pan

A dog in the Chinese village of Panjiatun has attracted international attention by refusing to leave the grave of his recently deceased owner. Since Lao Pan was buried, his dog has remained rooted to the spot. Residents have been bringing food and water to the dog, and are planning to build him a kennel. The … Continue reading

Chinese man threatens to blow up Jin Mao tower due to obsession with 2012 doomsday film

A Chinese man, identified by the media as having the surname Yin, has been jailed for two years after he allegedly became obsessed with the Hollywood film 2012 and threatened to blow up Shanghai’s Jin Mao tower skyscraper. The man allegedly strapped a fake bomb to his body and travelled to the top of the … Continue reading

Ai Weiwei supporters strip naked to show support for artist’s latest problems

Supporters of Ai Weiwei have begun to post online images of themselves naked, to show their support at a time when the Chinese artist is reportedly being investigated by authorities for alleged pornography. Using social networks, supporters have been showing images of themselves naked. Some are full-frontal nude shots, some are a little more ingenious. … Continue reading

14 killed in explosion at chemical plant in Xintai, China

14 people have been killed and many more have been wounded in an explosion at a chemical plant in Xintai, in China’s eastern Shandong province. The exact cause of the explosion is not yet known. The accident happened at a melamine production unit where a condensing unit was reportedly in the process of being repaired. … Continue reading

China sentences three to death over $1bn investment scam

Three people have been sentenced to death in China for their part in an investment scam that netted more than 7.04bn yuan ($1bn).The incident is being seen as an attempt by the government to crack down on what is seen by many as a growing problem in China. Ji Wenhua is expected to be executed … Continue reading

Ai Weiwei and Zhao Zhao questioned over nude photos

Ai Weiwei and photographer Zhao Zhao are reportedly being investigated by the Chinese authorities over a series of photos. The authorities reportedly believe that the photos constitute pornography, the dissemination of which could be treated as a criminal offence. One of the images, titled One Tiger Eight Breasts, shows Ai Weiwei naked and surrounded by … Continue reading

Man sets himself on fire in Tiananmen Square

A man has set himself on fire in Tiananmen Square, the first time in more than five years that such an act has been committed in the heart of Beijing. The incident happened in late October, but was only reported recently in the west as Chinese media did not cover the story. Self-immolation is a … Continue reading