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5.1M earthquake stikes off coast of Japan

A 5.1M earthquake has struck off the coast of Japan. The US Geological Survey (USGS) puts the epicentre approximately about 6 miles down at 4.614°S, 105.049°W. There are reports on Twitter from people in various parts of Japan who felt the quake. There’s no tsunami warning so far. At that depth, a tsunami is considered … Continue reading

Damage reported as 5.6M earthquake hits Lincoln County, Oklahoma

After a day of smaller quakes, Oklahoma’s Lincoln County was hit by a 5.6M earthquake on Saturday evening. Early reports suggest that several buildings have been damaged, though there are so far no indications of death or injury. The earthquake is believed to be the most powerful ever recorded in the state, its impact felt … Continue reading

Three earthquakes hit central Oklahoma overnight

Central Oklahoma has been shaken by three earthquakes overnight, with people as far as Kansas and Missouri reporting that they felt the tremors. There are no reports of injuries or structural damage, but some people have said that items fell from their walls. The earthquakes were centred about six miles north of Prague in southern … Continue reading

Baby Azra Karaduman pulled alive from Turkish earthquake rubble

A 2-week-old baby, Azra Karaduman, has been pulled alive from the rubble of the weekend’s massive Turkish earthquake, in which more than 300 people are confirmed to have died. Across the Van region, rescue teams are continuing to search for survivors and Azra Karaduman is far from the only survivor to be pulled out after so … Continue reading

Up to 1,000 feared dead after today’s huge earthquake in Turkey

Today’s earthquake in Turkey has killed between 500 and 1,000 people, according to official estimates from the country’s Kandilli Observatory. Most of the dead are believed to have been trapped in buildings that collapsed when the 7.3M earthquake hit early on Sunday. The epicentre of the earthquake was in the Van province, near the border … Continue reading

7-storey building collapses as 7.3M earthquake hits Van, Eastern Turkey

Eastern Turkey has been rocked by a 7.3M earthquake (some sources say 6.6M) that struck on Sunday afternoon near the city of Van. The Anatolia news agency is reporting that several buildings have collapsed, though there is no immediate word on any injuries. A seven-story building is reported to have collapsed in Van, with a … Continue reading

3.9M earthquake hits San Francisco (SF) today

San Francisco has been struck by a 3.9M earthquake. On Twitter, reactions have ranged from people saying they didn’t notice, to people expressing disbelief that the earthquake didn’t measure higher. The epicentre of the earthquake was about 2 miles southeast of Belmont, and it struck at a depth of approximately 6 miles. There are reports … Continue reading

5.2M earthquake strikes south of the Fiji islands

A 5.2M earthquake has struck to the south of the Fiji islands. According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), the earthquake struck at a depth of 95 miles, with the epicentre being around 350 miles southeast of Fiji and a similar distance from Tonga. Because the depth of the earthquake, it’s not believed that there … Continue reading

6M earthquake shakes Bali, causes injuries and structural damage, but no tsunami #indonesia

The island of Bali has been rocked by a powerful earthquake, measuring 6M, which caused buildings to shake and has left a number of people injured. There are no reports of fatalities so far, but structural damage to buildings has reportedly been observed in some places. The main tourist district of Kuta was particularly badly … Continue reading

Many dead and injured as 4.8M foreshock and 5.8M earthquake hit Guatemala

A powerful 5.8M earthquake has struck Guatemala, preceded by a 4.8M foreshock that left many buildings weakened and many people in a state of panic. At least three people are reported to have died, with many more injured and hundreds – if not thousands – forced to flee their homes and offices. The epicentre of … Continue reading