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Facebook IPO set for middle of May, could raise $10bn

Facebook’s long-anticipated IPO is increasingly likely to happen in the third week of May, with as much as $10bn expected to be raised from a $100m valuation. With SEC reviews usually taking about three months, Facebook is therefore expected to file its IPO documents by the end of January. Facebook’s growth continues to be phenomenal. … Continue reading

Google+ is growing faster than Facebook, but does that tell the whole story?

Google+ is on track to hit the 400m user mark by the end of 2012, having hit 60m after just six months. Given that it took reportedly Facebook four years to hit the 60m mark, this means that according to some estimates Google+ is allegedly growing 800% faster than Facebook at the corresponding points in … Continue reading

Facebook offers to help you report a suicidal friend

What should you do if a friend posts something on Facebook that suggests they might be feeling suicidal? Hitting the ‘like’ button would be inappropriate, while actually picking up the phone (assuming you have their number) would be waaaay too personal. So how about pressing a new ‘suicide’ button instead? A new tool allows people … Continue reading

Like or dislike? Facebook reportedly testing ‘negative sentiment’ for pages

Facebook users have long called for a ‘dislike’ button. But while some websites allow users to express their disapproval of certain things, Facebook has always focused on the positive rather than the negative. That could be about to change, however, as theĀ  world’s leading social is said to be testing a ‘negative sentiment’ (i.e. dislike) … Continue reading

Facebook purchases Gowalla to improve Timeline feature

Facebook has purchased online check-in service Gowalla for an undisclosed sum. The aim of the purchase is reportedly to bolster the new Timeline Facebook feature in some as-yet-unspecified way. Gowalla founder Josh Williams and most of the company’s team will now transfer to Facebook and work on the Timeline feature, which is gradually rolling out … Continue reading

Effin village banned from Facebook for ‘offensive’ name

A small Irish village has been banned from Facebook because its name is perceived to be offensive. Effin in County Limerick has apparently run afoul of the site’s automated censors, since ‘effin is also – for some people – an adjective that means pretty much the same thing as ‘fucking’. A campaign group was set … Continue reading

Facebook increases maximum status update size to more than 60,000 characters

The maximum size of a Facebook status update has been increased again, and is now ‘at least’ 60,000 characters. That’s a mammoth 12 times the previous limit of 5,000, and it means that a single Facebook update could contain 428 tweets. To get a sense of the size Facebook now offers, an average novel (if … Continue reading

Facebook Christmas tree app virus hoax spreads on Facebook

A Christmas tree app virus hoax that warns users against clicking on malware is doing the rounds on Facebook. But the whole set-up is a hoax and there’s no malware, just a wave of message spam sweeping majestically across the Facebook plains. There seems to be no reason for the spam, other than to clog … Continue reading

Is Facebook going to delete your account in 24 hours? No, it’s another phishing scam

Facebook users are being hit by a new scam that falsely claims their accounts will be closed unless they reveal a range of private information. The phishing scam asks users to divulge, among other things, their passwords and financial information. Needless to say, it’s a scam. Facebook isn’t going to close accounts in this way, … Continue reading

Facebook suggests its social network offers just 4.74 degrees of separation

Remember that famous claim that anyone on the planet is separated from anyone else by just six people? Facebook has run the numbers by analysing its huge social network, and has decided that the real figure is more like 4.74! That means that if you pick anyone else on Facebook, friend of your friend probably … Continue reading