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Alleged Stratfor hack could be biggest in history of Anonymous / LulzSec

Members of Anonymous and LulzSec are claiming to have carried out possibly the biggest and most significant hacking attack in their short history. They claim to have allegedly hacked Stratfor, one of the world’s leading global intelligence companies. The claims, which have not been verified by Stratfor at the time of writing, include allegations that … Continue reading

TeaMp0isoN hacks UN sites, leaks password details

TeaMp0isoN has leaked the usernames and passwords of officials from a number of high-profile UN organisations, allegedly including the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), UNICEF, World Health Organisation (WHO) and other groups. The hackers have not revealed precisely how they obtained the information, saying that this is a … Continue reading

Huge hacking scandal grips Swedish politics

The usernames and passwords of hundreds of top Swedish journalists have reportedly been hacked and leaked in one of the biggest and most bizarre scandals to hit the Scandinavian country for many years. It all began when the Twitter account of MP William Petzäll allegedly began to tweet a series of allegations against other politicians. … Continue reading

Anonymous takes down alleged pedophile ring at Lolita City darknet site

Anonymous, the hacking collective that has been targeting various corporations and police departments for the best part of a year, has turned its fire on a very different target: an alleged darknet pedophile ring known as Lolita City. Earlier this week, Anonymous leaked personal information – including usernames – of more than 1,500 alleged Lolita … Continue reading

Sesame Street Youtube channel reportedly hacked with porn

Sesame Street’s Youtube channel was taken down this morning after reportedly being hacked with porn. The hack reportedly removed all the channel’s content and replaced it with porn, under the heading ‘where porn lives’. The channel reportedly featured a seven-minute clip from the porn film First Anal Quest: Angelica, but was quickly taken down by … Continue reading

Can you really become addicted to hacking?

Speaking to the media, alleged celebrity hacker Christopher Chancey, 35, has allegedly suggested that he became ‘addicted’ to hacking. But can you really become addicted to hacking, and could that be used as a legal defence? Psychologist David Dreiper says the answer is ‘yes’. He argues that “a person can become addicted to anything that … Continue reading

Christopher Chaney accused over nude Hollywood photo hacks

The FBI has given more details of the arrest earlier today of a man accused of carrying out hacks of nude photos belonging to a host of Hollywood stars. Christopher Chaney allegedly accesed the photos and put them online. Stars who have allegedly been affected by nude photo leaks over the past year include the … Continue reading

Florida man arrested over alleged Scarlett Johansson nude photo hack

A Florida man has reportedly been arrested by FBI agents investigating the leak of alleged nude photos of Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson. It’s unclear if the man is linked to the release of nude photos of other Hollywood stars. For months, rumours have been swirling about a hacking group that has reportedly been gaining access … Continue reading

Sony locks down thousands of online accounts after reported security breach

Sony has locked down an estimated 90,000 online accounts after detecting a large number of unauthorised attempts to gain access to a number of PlayStation Network (PSN), Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) and Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) accounts. The affect users have been sent emails explaining the situation. Less than 0.1% of Sony’s customers have been … Continue reading

LulzSec’s Sabu responds to Reddit questions about The Sun emails, banks and more

Sabu, the mastermind / member of LulzSec who helped organise / publicise the recent hacking / DDOS campaign against various corporations, has been answering questions on Reddit and Twitter about life in, and after, LulzSec. Among the main revelations: LulzSec allegedly has a stash of emails from The Sun. The emails, if they exist, are … Continue reading