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Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan killed in Tehran blast

Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan has been killed by a car bomb in Tehran. According to local media sources, the 32-year-old died after two assailants on motorbikes attacked magnetic bombs to his car while he was driving. Roshan was a university professor who also worked at a key nuclear facility in the country. He … Continue reading

Iranian TV claims to show US drone shot down last week

Iranian TV has shown images of what the government claims is a US drone that was allegedly shot down over the country’s airspace last week. US officials have reportedly confirmed to Fox News that the aircraft shown in the images is indeed a drone. The footage appears to show the RQ-170 drone intact, raising questions … Continue reading

Iran claims to have shot down US drone

Iranian authorities say that they shot down a US drone that entered their airspace last week. The unmanned RQ170 drone was reportedly shot down, suffering minor damage. It is now in the hands of the Iranian military, who will doubtless be studying it intently. The US has acknowledged that it lost contact with a drone … Continue reading

Britain shuts down Iranian embassy in London

The British government has shut down the Iranian embassy in London, in direct response to the storming of the British embassy in Tehran earlier this week. Foreign secretary William Hague told MPs that Iran had made it impossible for the British government to have a functioning embassy in Tehran, and that this meant Britain would … Continue reading

Demonstrators storm British Embassy in Tehran, take six staff hostages

Six staff have been taken hostage after demonstrators stormed the British Embassy building in Tehran. The Iranian authorities say that they had nothing to do with the incident, and that the demonstrators made their move so quickly that they could not be stopped by security forces. The invasion of the building occured after normal business … Continue reading

Iranian parliament votes to downgrade diplomatic relations with the UK

The Iranian parliament has voted to downgrade diplomatic relations with the UK. The vote, which passed with a large majority, came after the UK moved to put sanctions on Iranian banks. Some MPs reportedly chanted ‘Death to Britain’ during the vote, as 87% of MPs agreed with the resolution. If Iran’s Guardian Council approves the … Continue reading

Iran claims to have captured 12 CIA agents

Iranian authorities claim to have captured 12 CIA agents who they say were planning to launch attacks on the country’s nuclear facilities. Tehran also claims that the CIA agents were working with Israeli agents in the country. There has been no official response from the US, and the claims are impossible to verify. But the … Continue reading

Iran admits nuclear sites hit by ‘Son of Stuxnet’ Duqu worm

Iranian authorities have admitted that the so-called ‘Son of Stuxnet’ worm Duqu has been detected at some of their nuclear facilities. State-controlled news agency IRNA says that it’s not yet clear how far Duqu has spread through the country’s nuclear systems, or how bad the damage might be. Iran has long admitted that it harbours … Continue reading

Did Israel’s Mossad secret service cause weekend’s blast at Iranian Bid Ganeh weapons depot?

While Iranian authorities are continuing to claim that the weekend’s blast at a weapon’s depot was due to an accident, there are increasing claims that Mossad, the Israeli secret service, was allegedly at least partly responsible. 17 people died and 15 were wounded in the huge explosion at the Bid Ganeh base. Iran insists that … Continue reading

Is Israel planning a sudden attack on Iran?

There are renewed fears that Israel could be considering a sudden military strike against Iran, after it emerged that Israeli officials have refused to guarantee that they would warn the US of any impending plans. The US and its allies have stepped up their rhetoric against Iran in recent weeks, first accusing the regime of … Continue reading