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Japan diverting £19m from tsunami relief fund to help protect whaling ships

Japan caused outrage on Friday after confirming that 2.28bn yen (about £19m) is being diverted away from tsunami relief efforts and will instead be used to protect the country’s whaling ships during the annual Antarctic whale hunt. The Fisheries Agency of Japan says that using the money in this way will help fishing regions of … Continue reading

Video shows eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini and two Mercedes totalled in Japanese crash

Sports car enthusiasts in Japan suffered an embarrassing and costly accident this week, with eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini and two Mercedes totalled in a pile-up. Video of the incident’s aftermath, shown on NTV, clearly shows a number of vehicles that look like they’ll be write-offs. The total cost of the destroyed cars is likely to … Continue reading

Japan’s Emperor Akihito admitted to hospital with possible bronchitis

Emperor Akihito of Japan has been admitted to hospital with suspected bronchitis. The 77-year-old is said to have developed a cold, a fever and other symptoms of the condition. Crown Prince Naruhito will take over Emperor Akihito’s duties while Akihito is being treated at the University of Tokyo Hospital. The country’s symbolic leader is not … Continue reading

Japan’s whale hunt to go ahead later this year with $26m for extra protection

Japan‘s whale hunt is to go ahead in the Antarctic later this year. And despite claims that the hunt was almost scrapped, it seems the Japanese government is now providing an additional $26m to protect the whalers from protesters. There have been consistent calls in recent years for the whale hunt season to be scrapped. … Continue reading

Five killed, one million evacuated as Typhoon Roke hits Japan

Japan is braced for the landfall of a powerful typhoon that has already killed five people and led to the evacuation of more than a million. Typhoon Roke has been generating winds of up to 135mph as it heads for the country. 800,000 people have been told to evacuate the city of Nagoya, about 170 miles … Continue reading

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries admits system was compromised by hackers

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan’s biggest defence contractor, has admitted that some of its systems were compromised in August by a hacking attack. The attack reportedly infected 45 network servers and 38 PCs with malware across 10 facilities in the country. A spokesman insisted that there was no possibility of sensitive information having been leaked by the … Continue reading

Obama’s Air Force One flight plan shows up on Japanese blog

Japan’s Transportation Ministry is investigating how a top secret Air Force One flight plan ended up being posted on a blog. It’s reported that an air traffic controller might have been responsible for putting the confidential information online. The flight plan of Air Force One is kept closely guarded, for obvious reasons. Yet 12 pages … Continue reading

Japan marks 6 month anniversary of deadly earthquake and tsunami

Sunday was not only the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, it was also the 6 month anniversary of the deadly earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan earlier this year. Events were held across Japan to mark the occasion. In many parts of the country, people are still living with the results of the disaster. … Continue reading

20 dead, 50 missing as Typhoon Talas strikes Japan

20 people are confirmed to have died and at least 50 are missing after Typhoon Talas struck the west coast of Japan on Sunday. Heavy rains triggered massive landslides as the typhoon moved slowly north. 460,000 people were evacuated from their homes, but many were left stranded as flash-flooding limited efforts to get everyone to … Continue reading

Mysterious figure in radiation suit on Fukushima webcam causes online rumours

A mysterious figure wearing a radiation suit has appeared on a Fukushima webcam, sparking intense discussion online about his identity and the meaning of his hand gestures. You can see the video here. The man clearly knows that he is on the webcam. Addressing it directly, he raises a hand to make a gesture. The … Continue reading