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Tesco to quit Japan after 8-year struggle for success

After 8 years, Tesco is reportedly throwing in the towel and selling its Japanese stores. The world’s third-largest retailer saw its shares rise 2.1% on the news, which signals a possible slowdown of the company’s aggressive international expansion plans. New chief executive Phil Clarke has taken an unsentimental approach to dealing with one of the … Continue reading

Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi to merge LCD divisions

Three of the world’s largest tech companies – Japan‘s Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi – are merging their liquid-crystal display (LCD) divisions in an attempt to take on competition from South Korea Taiwan. The new company will be the world’s largest maker of LCD screens, which are commonly used in popular devices such as smartphones and … Continue reading

Yuki Demura and wife Risa killed by birthday sand hole prank #Japan

A young Japanese couple have died after what appears to have been a birthday prank gone wrong. Yuki Demura and his wife Risa, both 23, died on Saturday on Osaki Beach, in Kahoku, Ishikawa Prefecture, after falling into a sand hole. It seems that friends of the couple dug a big hole for them to … Continue reading

Yoshihiko Noda becomes new prime minister of Japan

Finance minister Yoshihiko Noda has won the battle for the leadership of the Democratic Party in Japan, and will become the country’s new prime minister. He replaces Naoto Kan, who resigned last week. Noda was perhaps a surprising winner of the Democratic Party’s leadership contest, beating favourite Banri Kaieda at the last moment. But Noda … Continue reading

Banri Kaieda frontrunner to be new Japan PM, but Democratic Party likely to require run-off vote

Following the resignation last week of Naoto Kan, Japan is looking for its sixth prime minister in six years. The odds are on trade minister Banri Kaieda, but the ruling Democratic Party’s efforts to choose a new leader are likely to require a run-off vote as the five candidates are currently too close to call. … Continue reading

Japanese TV star Shinsuke Shimada quits after claims of Yamaguchi-gumi yakuza links #Japan

One of Japan‘s most popular TV stars, Shinsuke Shimada, has quit after he was accused of having links to the Yamaguchi-gumi yakuza group. The 55-year-old told a press conference that he had exchanged messages with a Yamaguchi-gumi figure, but he insisted that he had never done anything wrong and that he had not been involved … Continue reading

Japan’s prime minister Naoto Kan confirms he is to resign

Japanese prime minister┬áNaoto Kan has confirmed that he is resigning. He has only been in power for just over a year, and his resignation means Japan is to get its seventh prime minister in the past six years. Kan’s popularity has sunk since the devastating Japanese earthquake and tsunami in March. The government was widely … Continue reading

Residents may never be able to return to Fukushima homes #Japan

Media reports in Japan suggest that people who lived near the Fukushima nuclear power plant may never be able to return to their homes. Officials hope to rescue the Fukushima power plant by January, but homes in the area could remain too dangerous to inhabit for many decades. Japanese prime minister Naoto Kan is reportedly … Continue reading

Tsunami advisory issued after 6.5 earthquake off Japan’s Miyagi, Fukushima prefectures

A 6.5M earthquake has struck off the coast of Japan, leading to a tsunami advisory for the Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures. These are the prefectures that were most badly damaged by the earthquake and tsunami back in March 2011. The warning issued so far is an ‘advisory’ rather than an ‘alert’. This means that a … Continue reading

Shoppers in Japan rush to hoard old rice in post-Fukushima panic

Ever since the earthquake and tsunami of March this year, and the resulting crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, Japanese consumers have been concerned about the possibility of radiation contaminating their food. Despite repeated assurances that there is no danger, many in Japan do not trust the government, and now many are buying up … Continue reading