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Guardian / LSE report claims London riots were fuelled by anger at police

What caused this summer’s riots in London, Birmingham, Manchester and elsewhere? Rampant hooliganism, say some members of the government. But a new report from The Guardian and the London School of Economics (LSE) titled Reading the Riots paints a different picture, suggesting that the root cause of the problem was anger at police. The killing … Continue reading

Mark Duggan wasn’t armed when he was shot by police

Mark Duggan, the man whose death on August 4th triggered the London riots that spread to other parts of the country, was not armed when he was shot by police. That’s apparently the determination of an official report into the incident, publication of which is likely to raise further questions about the official version of … Continue reading

Met police force BBC, ITN and Sky News to hand over footage of riots

The Metropolitan police have forced the BBC, ITN and Sky News to hand over footage and images from the recent riots. A similar move against a number of national newspapers is believed to be pending. The Met aim to look at the footage to gain evidence against, and identify, suspected rioters. But senior figures at … Continue reading

Opinion: What do the London riots tell us about Westfield Stratford City?

I haven’t been to Westfield Stratford City yet and I doubt I will ever go. And I’m sure – absolutely certain – that in terms of shopping centres, it’s the absolute pinnacle. It’s probably the best and biggest shopping centre one could possibly hope for. But coming so soon after the riots, I don’t think … Continue reading

Tension as Mark Duggan funeral is held in north London

Mark Duggan, the man whose death triggered last month’s London riots, is to be buried today. There is likely to be a low-key police presence, despite concerns that his funeral could trigger fresh disturbances. The 29-year-old father of four was shot dead on August 4th by police officers. The details of the shooting, however, have … Continue reading

Tony Blair warns against blaming riots on ‘moral decline’

Tony Blair has weighed in on the recent riots, claiming that its wrong and too simplistic to blame them on simple ‘moral decline’. Instead, says Blair in an article titled Blaming a moral decline for the riots makes good headlines but bad policy, we should avoid politicising the issue and should instead focus on the … Continue reading

David Starkey defends controversial Newsnight comments

Historian David Starkey has defended his controversial comments on Newsnight last week, and says that the ‘hysterical’ reaction shows how the subject of race is almost impossible to discuss sensibly. In a piece titled It’s not about criminality and cuts, it’s about culture, Starkey hits out at those who want to silence him. And he says that … Continue reading

Ursula Nevin freed from jail after successful appeal #londonriots

Ursula Nevin, the Manchester woman jailed for five months for receiving a pair of shorts after the riots, has been freed on appeal. There was widespread surprise last week when Nevin was jailed despite the fact that she had not participated in the riots. But she had been given a pair of shorts by a … Continue reading

Growing anger over political interference in sentencing of rioters #londonriots

There are growing calls for a rethink of the way in which people are sentenced for their participation in the recent London riots. In particular, the perceived politicisation of the judicial system is ringing alarm bells with those who believe that politicians should not interfere with the way that judges decide sentences. Earlier this week, … Continue reading

‘Insane’ riot sentences criticised after two men jailed for 4 years for Facebook posts

Two men have been jailed for 4 years each after they posted messages on Facebook that police say encouraged disorder during the recent riots. The plight of the two men, Jordan Blackshaw and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, has raised concerns that disproportionate sentences are being handed out in response to the riots. Even the prosecution in their … Continue reading