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Michele Bachmann suspending presidential campaign

Michele Bachmann is reportedly suspending her presidential campaign. Confirmation is expected to come in the next few hours at a press conference at the Marriott in West Des Moines, hours after it was revealed that she is skipping a planned campaign trip to South Carolina. Bachmann trailed in a distant sixth in Tuesday’s Iowa caucuses, … Continue reading

NBC apoloises to Michele Bachmann over talk show intro music

NBC has apologised to Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann after her appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show was briefly soundtracked by a rendition of Fishbone’s 1985 song Lyin’ Ass Bitch. There was controversy earlier this week when it emerged that the show’s band had played the intro of the song as Bachmann made her entrance. … Continue reading

Michele Bachmann claims terrorists have made 6 attempts to attack 15 different Pakistan nuclear sites

During last night’s Republican presidential debate in Washington, Michele Bachmann claimed – among other things – that terrorists have made 6 attempts to attack Pakistan’s 15 nuclear sites. As the National Journal notes, that’s not something that had previously been made public. Did Bachmann just reveal classified intel? As a member of the House Intelligence … Continue reading

Jimmy Fallon band causes stir with alleged Lyin’ Ass Bitch welcome for Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann‘s entrance on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show this week was accompanied by a little-known but distinctive piece of music. And some critics are aghast that the band allegedly played a snippet from 1985 Fishbone song ‘Lyin’ Ass Bitch’. Bachmann seemed not to notice the apparent snark, and there seemed to be no reaction from … Continue reading

Michele Bachmann says it would be ‘absurd’ to try being waterboarded

Acknowledging that waterboarding is ‘uncomfortable’, presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann has suggested that it would be ‘absurd’ to get herself waterboarded in order to understand the experience for herself. Speaking to the Des Moines Register, Bachmann insisted that she would be okay with allowing a terrorist to be waterboarded if it would prevent something like 9/11 … Continue reading

Michele Bachmann fights back, launches attack on Herman Cain

Republican presidential nominee Michele Bachmann, who has seen her campaign start to fade over the past month, has launched a scathing attack on rival Herman Cain. And she has insisted that the loss of some New Hampshire campaign staff won’t check her progress. Bachmann focused her words on Herman Cain, who has arguably won away … Continue reading

Was Michele Bachmann’s Jay Leno appearance the final act in her presidential bid?

Michele Bachmann has made an appearance on Jay Leno’s late-night talk show, but if the Republican presidential hopeful was expecting an easy ride, she certainly didn’t get it. Instead, her performance has left many wondering if her campaign is now all fizzled out. Leno has come in for a lot of criticism for being too … Continue reading

Did Michele Bachmann jump the shark with HPV ‘mental retardation’ claim?

HPV vaccines are a hot topic in the Republican presidential campaign this year, but critics are claiming Michele Bachmann went a little too far with recent claims about ‘mental retardation’. Bachmann appeared on NBC and recounted a story about a mother who told her that her daughter had allegedly developed mental retardation after having the … Continue reading

Rick Perry describes social security as a ponzi scheme

Rick Perry used his debut Republican presidential debate performance to describe social security as a ponzi scheme. He put in a combative, some might say slightly aggressive, performance on a night when it became abundantly clear that this is now a two-horse race between Perry and Mitt Romney. Before the debate, Rick Perry was portrayed … Continue reading

Michele Bachmann’s campaign chief Ed Rollins quits

Michele Bachmann‘s campaign chief Ed Rollins¬†has quit, citing health reasons. His deputy David Polyansky¬†also quit. The Bachmann campaign has downplayed Rollins’ departure, saying that he will remain with the team in an advisory capacity. And Rollins appeared on CNN saying that although Bachmann might be in third place in the Republican race, that was still … Continue reading