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Police find Karen Johnson Swift’s clothes near abandoned car

Police searching for missing Tennessee woman Karen Johnson Swift have reportedly found her clothes in brush not far from her abandoned car. The discovery will raise concerns that Swift was abducted when she vanished on October 30th this year. Swift’s car was found with a flat tyre, prompting speculation that she had suffered a puncture … Continue reading

Washington state 2-year-old Sky Metalwala reported missing

A 2-year-old boy has gone missing from his mother’s car in Bellevue, Washington state. Sky Metalwala was last seen on Sunday, and the FBI has now joined in a search of the surrounding area. Sky Metalwala was allegedly left in the car while his mother and a sibling went to get some petrol from a … Continue reading

Lauren Spierer update: Jay Rosenbaum meets missing girl’s parents

The last person to see missing Lauren Spierer alive has met with her parents. Jay Rosenbaum says he has co-operated fully with police and that all he wants is for Spierer to be found. Jay Rosenbaum had previously avoided making comments to the media, but reportedly felt compelled to speak up due to continuing heavy … Continue reading

Seattle man Alan Patterson gets ransom note for missing mother Patty Krieger

A Seattle man has received an email ransom demand relating to his mother, Patty Krieger, who vanished in October 2010. Alan Patterson received the message along with a demand for $250,000 to be sent to a man in Ghana. The email is being treated as a scam. Patty Krieger was hiking with friends on Sauk … Continue reading

Is disappearance of Karen Swift linked to Holly Bobo case?

A Tennessee woman named Karen Swift has vanished after a Halloween party less than 80 miles from the location where Holly Bobo was last seen in April, raising concerns that the two cases might be linked. Karen Swift, 44, was last seen at her home in Dyersburg on Sunday morning. Her car was found abandoned nearby … Continue reading

Texas police say missing Jasmen Gonzalez might have been sleepwalking when she vanished

A missing 10-year-old might have been sleepwalking when she vanished on Saturday night. Jasmen Gonzalez went missing while she and her family were visiting relatives in Carrollton, Texas. Almost a day later, there is still no sign of her. Gonzalez was reportedly wearing only her pyjamas when she went missing, with no slippers or socks. … Continue reading

Police search pond in hunt for missing baby Lisa Irwin

Kansas City police have searched a pond as they continue to hunt for missing baby Lisa Irwin. The search was not based on a specific tip, and nothing of interest was found. Lisa Irwin has now been missing for almost a month, and there seem to have been no breakthroughs in the case so far. … Continue reading

Was missing Robyn Gardner buried alive in a “dog’s grave” on Aruba?

Robyn Gardner, the Maryland woman who vanished on the island of Aruba in August, was reportedly buried alive in a “dog’s grave” shortly after being beaten and suffocated. That’s according to an apparent tipster who is said to have given the information to… The National Enquirer! According to the paper, Gardner had a bag placed … Continue reading

Mysterious man spotted on CCTV near home of missing baby Lisa Irwin

A mysterious man has been spotted on CCTV emerging from the woods near the Missouri home of baby Lisa Irwin on the night she disappeared. The appearance of the man seemingly ties in with multiple witness reports of a man seen carrying a baby in the area on that night. The footage, recorded by a … Continue reading

Grandmother of missing Jahessye Shockley calls for case to have higher national profile

The grandmother of missing 5-year-old Arizona girl Jahessye Shockley has called for the case to have a higher national profile. Shirley Johnson says she believes the case has allegedly received less media coverage because her granddaughter is black. Jahessye Shockley was last seen on October 11th at her family’s home in Glendale, suburban Phoenix. The … Continue reading