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Is Kim Jong-Un dead? Twitter and Weibo reports claim North Korea’s leader assassinated in Beijing

Reports on Weibo and Twitter are claiming that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has been assassinated. However, despite a few blurry photos of cars at the North Korean embassy in Beijing, there seems to be absolutely no proof of the story, and most people are currently assuming that it’s fake. The story claims that gunmen … Continue reading

North Korean media hails Kim Jong-un as successor to father Kim Jong-Il

North Korean media has, as expected, hailed Kim Jong-un as his father’s natural successor. But it remains to be seen whether Kim Jong-un will exert his own power in the country, or whether he will merely be a puppet for the military. North Korea is in a state of official mourning, but there are signs … Continue reading

How did Kim Jong-Il really die? South Korea disputes North’s official story

If you believe North Korea’s government agencies, Kim Jong-Il died on a train while heading to visit some peasants. But is that really what happened? Figures from the South Korean government are reportedly finding holes in the story, suggesting that the ‘dear leader’ might not have died in such a symbolic way after all. According … Continue reading

Obituary: Kim Jong-Il dies aged 69

North Korea’s ‘dear leader’ is dead. Kim Jong-Il has died aged 69 after suffering a heart attack while on a train. His death was announced on Monday by the country’s state media, who urged North Koreans to get behind the leader’s son and successor Kim Jong-un. In truth, despite signs of growing opposition to the ruling … Continue reading

Facebook profile of Kim Han Sol, grandson of Kim Jong-Il, discovered by South Korean media

The discovery of a Facebook profile for Kim Han Sol, grandson of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il, has caused major interest in South Korea. Media sources in South Korea are picking over the profile and exhaustedly reporting on every minor detail. Most attention has focused on a photo of Kim Han Sol with a young … Continue reading

South Korea says North Korea sent man named Ahn to kill Park Sang-hak with poison-tipped needles

A supposed North Korean defector has been accused of allegedly trying to kill anti-Pyongyang activist Park Sang-hak in South Korea. The North Korean, identified only as Ahn, was allegedly planning to use poison-tipped needles for the attack. There is increasing concern in South Korea that the steady trickle of North Korean defectors is being infiltrated … Continue reading

US denies one of its planes was brought down by North Korea jamming attack

The US has denied earlier reports that one of its military planes was brought down after being targeted by North Korean electronic jamming technology. The claims were initially made by a South Korean defense ministry report, which alleged that the incident happened in March. The US plane was said to have been forced into an … Continue reading

North Korea’s Kim Jong Il makes rare visit to Russia to meet Dmitry Medvedev

North Korea‘s Kim Jong Il has set off on a rare visit to Russia. He has travelled by train to the Russian town of Khasan, where he is scheduled to meet Russian president Dmitry Medvedev for face-to-face talks. Russia recently announced that it was sending emergency supplies to help North Korea deal with its crippling food … Continue reading

Missing Dutch tourist Willem van der Bijl publishes praise of North Korea elections

Dutch stamp collector Willem van der Bijl, who headed to North Korea in July to buy some of the country’s stamps, has not been heard from since he landed in Pyongyang. And now we know why: he’s so enamoured of the country’s free and open democratic system, he has been spending his time writing an … Continue reading

Coca-Cola denies rumours of new North Korea business

Coca-Cola has denied claims that it was considering entering North Korea. Stories about both Coca-Cola and Kentucky Fried Chicken opening up shop in Pyongyang have been circulating in Singapore for days, but seem to be baseless. The rumours suggested that Coca-Cola and Kentucky Fried Chicken were being courted by North Korea, and that the notoriously … Continue reading