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Romanian PM Emil Boc announces resignation in wake of austerity protests

Romania’s prime minister Emil Boc has announced that he is to resign in the wake of mass protests at his government’s austerity program. Having been in office since 2008, he instituted austerity measures in 2010 that he says were painful but necessary. While resigning, he has defended his record in power, arguing that Romania’s economic … Continue reading

Joe Biden says only Leon Panetta was fully behind Pakistan raid that killed bin Laden

US Vice President Joe Biden has claimed that the only person who unequivocably urged Barack Obama to grenlight the operation that killed Osama bin Laden was Leon Panetta. According to Biden, most other members of Obama’s ‘inner circle’ believed that more intelligence should be gathered first. Osama bin Laden was killed in a high-risk operation … Continue reading

Michael Gove allegedly suggests the Queen should get a new yacht for her diamond jubilee

Britain’s Education Secretary Michael Gove has allegedly suggested giving the Queen a new royal yacht for her diamond jubilee, a move that could cost up to £60m. The alleged suggestion comes at a time when cuts are being made to schools, hospitals and other important areas of public life. It’s unclear whether a yacht is … Continue reading

Diane Abbott apologises over ‘divide and rule’ tweet

Shadow health minister Diane Abbott has apologised for a tweet in which she allegedly said that ‘white people’ employ ‘divide and rule’ tactics. The MP was engaged in a discussion with Bim Adewunmi in the wake of the recent Stephen Lawrence trial verdict when the ‘offending’ phrase was tweeted. Critics were quick to condemn Abbott. … Continue reading

Obama signs NDAA, but says he doesn’t agree with entirety of the bill

US President Barack Obama has signed the controversial NDAA defence bill, but added that his administration would not use the bill to indefinitely detain US citizens without trial. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what the bill allows, and many critics have criticised the president for allowing the bill to become law. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), … Continue reading

Can Reddit bring down a SOPA-supporting senator in 2012?

Reddit members are mounting their most ambitious plot yet: to bring down one of the senators who recently voted in favour of SOPA. The list of candidates is growing, and includes Bob Corker, Paul Ryan and Lindsey Graham. The Bob Corker operation seems to be the most advanced at this early stage, with the Operation … Continue reading

Should the Taliban be banned from Twitter? Joe Lieberman proposes block

US senator Joe Lieberman, chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, has called for the Taliban to be banned from using Twitter. But critics argue that banning the use of social media by extremist groups risks leading to a system where non-mainstream voices are blocked altogether. Banning the Taliban from Twitter would not really achieve … Continue reading

Britain’s coalition government on the ropes as Nick Clegg turns on Cameron over Europe

Britain’s deputy PM Nick Clegg has reportedly turned on prime minister David Cameron over the latter’s handling of crucial EU talks. With Britain isolated in Europe following Cameron’s refusal to negotiate over the Lisbon Treaty, Clegg has apparently decided that he can no longer take the political fallout that comes from being associated with the … Continue reading

John Boehner teaming up with Democrats to pass Christmas spending bill?

The US faces another government shutdown deadline. If Congress can’t put together an omnibus spending bill by December 16th, the government will basically shut down. But this time, Republican House Speaker John Boehner is reportedly working with Democrats on a deal to keep things running. Boehner is said to have accepted that he can’t satisfy … Continue reading

Jon Kyl says Republicans might not support payroll tax holiday extension

Republicans are all in favour of tax cuts, right? They’ve proposed and supported wave after wave of tax cuts for America’s rich and influential. But there’s one tax cut they’re apparently not keen on: Arizona’s Jon Kyl says that the GOP might not support a proposed extension to the payroll tax holiday that helps millions … Continue reading

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