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Obituary: US peace activist Marv Davidov dies aged 80

Marv Davidov, one of America’s most high-profile peace activists since the 60s, has died at the age of 80. He is reported to have been suffering from health problems for a while. Remarking that it was seen by many in America as a subversive act to stand up for moral beliefs, Marv Davidov began protesting … Continue reading

Time for the Tea Party and Occupy movements to join forces?

If you believe the mainstream media, you might think that the Tea Party and the Occupy movement are polar opposites. The Tea Party are supposed to be rabid corporatists, while the Occupy movement is supposed to be vehemently opposed to any hint of corporate activity. Yet these media representations of the two movements are completely … Continue reading

TIME Magazine names The Protester as its Person of the Year for 2011

TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year for 2011 is The Protester, that problematic individual who has brought down governments across North Africa and set up protest camps in the heart of America’s cities, but who has also rioted in the streets of London and hacked the website’s of some of the world’s biggest corporations. TIME’s … Continue reading

Police evict Occupy Boston from Dewey Square

Occupy Boston demonstrators have been removed from Dewey Square. A small number of people were arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct, but police said that overall the demonstrators were ‘accommodating’ and complied with orders to leave the area. As in many other US cities, Boston officials have in recent days set out to be much … Continue reading

Thom Yorke among musicians at ‘thank you’ gig in Occupy London’s Bank of Ideas base

A group of musicians, including Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and members of Massive Attack and UNKLE appeared at a ‘thank you’ gig this week to support the Occupy London movement. The show was performed in front of an audience of around 100 people. The musicians took to the stage at the Bank of Ideas, a space … Continue reading

Occupy London listed alongside al-Qaida and Farc in London police document

City of London police have reportedly issued a document to local business owners, listing the Occupy movement alongside such terrorist groups as al-Qaida and Farc. While the document stops short of explicitly labelling Occupy London as a terrorist group, there is nevertheless anger within the movement that they have been identified as such a serious … Continue reading

CabinCr3w ‘dox’ members of LAPD command staff

The CabinCr3w group has ‘doxed’ the command staff of the LAPD, releasing personal details about scores of police officers in apparent retaliation for the PD’s approach to the Occupy LA protests. The group has also released lists of the salaries for city employees, which reveals some rather surprising details about how highly paid some city … Continue reading

Darwin Cox found dead at Occupy Denton in Texas

A man has been found dead in a tent at the Occupy Denton site at the University of North Texas. The man, named by the group as Darwin Cox, is said to have been given shelter by the protesters after he was seen suffering with a suspected fever. The body was reportedly discovered late on … Continue reading

US Department of Homeland Security gives advice on dealing with Occupy protests?

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI have allegedly been giving advice to various US cities about how to deal with the Occupy protests that have sprung up across the country in the past two months. The claims are another sign of official concern at the growing influence and media visibility of … Continue reading

Occupy This Album set to raise $1m for Occupy movement

So you’re an international political movement and you need to raise some money. What to do? If you’re the Occupy movement, you prepare for the release of Occupy This Album, a star-studded benefit album that is expected to raise up to $1m for the cause. The album is expected to feature the likes of Jackson … Continue reading