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Republican Phil Roe helps save life of man at North Caroline airport

Republican Rep Phil Roe (Tennessee) might have helped save a life at a North Carolina airport. He and fellow Congressman Mick Mulvaney were walking through the terminal when a man collapsed, and Roe went over to give CPR. Although the CPR didn’t revive the man, Roe’s actions probably helped his chances until emergency medical practitioners … Continue reading

Shock over behaviour of audience at CNN / Tea Party Republican debate

After last night’s CNN / Tea Party Republican presidential debate, many people were talking not about the candidates themselves but about the studio audience. Most notably, some members of the audience: cheered and shouted ‘Yes’ when Ron Paul was asked if a man without health insurance should be left to die. applauded when it was … Continue reading

Republicans rally against Obama jobs speech

Republicans are lining up to denounce Barack Obama’s job speech before the president has even opened his mouth. Some Republicans even say they won’t bother to attend. Based on leaks to the media over recent days, it seems likely that Obama’s jobs speech will focus on three main areas: a $100bn infrastructure program to get … Continue reading

Obama gives in over EPA smog standards

Barack Obama has given in and accepted defeat in the battle to improve the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)‘s regulation of smog The EPA began the push to improve standards after Barack Obama replaced George W. Bush. The Bush White House chose to set ground-level ozone limits to an ambient concentration of 75 parts per billion, … Continue reading

Arizona Republicans criticised for raffle of gun similar to the one that killed Christina-Taylor Green, injured Gabrielle Giffords

Republicans in Pima County, Arizona have been criticised for holding a raffle in which the top prize is a Glock 23 handgun, similar to the one used in January to kill 6 people in Tucson including 9-year-old Christina-Taylor Green. That shooting also left Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 12 others injured. Local Democrats have accused Republicans … Continue reading

Fox News and Google to team up for Florida Republican presidential debate

Unlikely bedfellows Fox News and Google are teaming up for a Republican presidential debate in California on September 22nd. Google announced today that users can choose the questions for the GOP candidates, submitting those questions via the Fox News YouTube page. The debate will be livestreamed on YouTube and will be shown on Fox News. … Continue reading

John Boehner asks Obama to reschedule speech over conflict with GOP debate

John Boehner has asked Barack Obama to reschedule a jobs speech so that it doesn’t clash with the upcoming Republican presidential debate in California. But so far neither side is showing any sign of backing down. The presidential debate has been scheduled for September 7th for quite a while. The problem is that this is … Continue reading

Is Samuel Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber, going to run for Congress?

Samuel¬†Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber from the 2008 US election, is reportedly being considered for a shot at a seat in Congress in 2012. The Toledo Blade quotes high-level Republican sources as saying that Wurzelbacher is being encouraged by GOP figures to make a run, although he has apparently not made a decision. The possibility … Continue reading

Michele Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll, Ron Paul second and Tim Pawlenty third

Michele Bachmann has won the Iowa straw poll, the first serious indication of Republican voters’ thoughts about the candidates vying for their party’s 2012 presidential nomination. Bachmann secured 4,823 votes, almost 25% of the c.17,000 votes cast. Ron Paul came in a surprise second place with 4,671, while Tim Pawlenty came third on 2,293. Write-in … Continue reading

Rick Perry for president: “I full well believe I’m going to win”

Better late than never? Texas governor Rick Perry has confirmed what we all knew: he’s running for the Republican presidential nomination. And as he told a crowd in Iowa that “I full well believe I’m going to win”, Perry instantly leapt to the head of the pack of candidates. As Thursday night’s Ames debate showed, … Continue reading