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Sarah Palin threatening to sue Joe McGinniss over book

Sarah Palin is reportedly threatening to sue author Joe McGinniss over the contents of his recently-published book The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin. USA Today reports that lawyers acting for Palin have contacted McGinniss’s publisher about supposed false statements. Sarah Palin has not made any public statements about the specific allegations contained in … Continue reading

New cocaine, marijuana and affair allegations hit Sarah Palin

A new book about Sarah Palin has come out with some pretty strong – though unproven – allegations. According to The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin by Joe McGinniss, Palin allegedly tried cocaine and marijuana. She also allegedly had an affair with her husband’s former business partner. The allegations are not proven and … Continue reading

Did Glen Rice and Sarah Palin sleep together? New book alleges one night stand in late 80’s

A new book alleges that basketball player Glen Rice and subsequent political superstar Sarah Palin had a one night stand back in 1987. The claims are made in a forthcoming book by Joe McGinniss, The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin. Glen Rice was a junior at the University of Michigan when the alleged … Continue reading

Sarah Palin says Rick Perry might be right about the need for social security reform

Sarah Palin has weighed in to discuss controversial claims by Rick Perry that social security is a ‘ponzi’ scheme. And while Palin says she wants to protect America’s elderly, she argued that there might be a case for reforming the system. Perry drew widespread criticism for his claim, made at a debate last week. Critics … Continue reading

Running for president? Sarah Palin to make ‘major announcement’ on September 3rd

Rumours of a possible Sarah Palin presidential bid have been stoked once again, with claims that she is to make a ‘major announcement’ on September 3rd. If Palin does run, she’ll be entering an already crowded race, but she certainly has the sheer force of personality to stand out from the crowd. Palin is scheduled … Continue reading

Is Sarah Palin running for president? In Iowa, she says she’s still thinking about it

Some of America’s leading conservative politicians are in Iowa this weekend. And Sarah Palin‘s there too, dragging out her will-she-won’t-she presidential game even longer than anyone anticipated. The word this weekend is that she expects to make a decision in the next couple of months. Palin undoubtedly has a high media profile, higher than most … Continue reading

Is Sarah Palin secretly a dwarf?

Sarah Palin has issued a rallying cry to Republican freshmen in Congress, urging them to stay loyal to their roots and their duties. But in her statement, released via Facebook, she repeatedly refers to herself as one of the ‘little folk’ and ‘little people’. Odd. Is Palin outing herself as a dwarf or midget? I’d … Continue reading

Sarah Palin film The Undefeated is a hit or a miss with audiences, depending on your choice of news outlet

The Undefeated, a heavily publicised film about failed VP candidate and blatantly-not-2012-candidate Sarah Palin, has gone on general release in the US. So how are audiences finding it? Well, it depends where you get your information… The film is ‘selling out in theaters’ according to Fox News, which reports strong pre-sales but only gives actual … Continue reading

Reviews of Sarah Palin biopic The Undefeated suggest it sets up presidential run

The hotly anticipated Sarah Palin biopic The Undefeated premiered in Pella, Iowa yesterday, and Palin herself was joined by admirers and a media scrum. But there was still no word as to whether the former Alaskan governor is going to run for president. Earlier in the day, Bristol Palin said her mother had made up … Continue reading

Nick Broomfield plans film to uncover ‘the real Sarah Palin’

British documentary film-maker Nick Broomfield, best known for films about figures such as Aileen Wuornos and Kurt Cobain, is planning a new film about Tea Party favourite Sarah Palin. He is said to be shopping the film in Los Angeles, and could even have it ready as early as September. So far, the film sounds … Continue reading