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My Little Pony somehow becomes the most talked-about cartoon of 2012

Since 1984, the My Little Pony toy range has had an on-again-off-again TV spin-off series that has somehow managed to garner a rather large group of adult fans. And in the past few weeks, these fans have been in the news for a variety of reasons. Is 2012 going to be the year My Little … Continue reading

Tits? Pre-watershed Sherlock Holmes Lara Pulver nude scenes upset approximately 3 people

Attempts are being made this week to drum up controversy over some nudity featured in A Scandal in Bohemia, the New Year’s Day episode of the BBC’s updated Sherlock series. The scenes, featuring actress Lara Pulver as Irene Adler, revealed very little but were aired about 25 minutes before the watershed. For many years, British … Continue reading

Obituary: M*A*S*H, Dragnet star Harry Morgan dies aged 96

Harry Morgan, one of the most recognizable faces from US TV in the 70s and 80s, has died at the age of 96. He was best known for playing Colonel Potter in M*A*S*H, as well as for roles in shows such as Dragnet and December Bride. Morgan initially studied law before switching to acting and … Continue reading

Apple planning to launch revolutionary iTV in 2012

Apple is reportedly planning to launch a revolutionary new TV service in 2012. The service, tentatively titled iTV, is believed to be an attempt to reconcile traditional network broadcasts with the burgeoning world of online video and internet TV channels. The recent official biography of Apple boss Steve Jobs reported that the tech guru had … Continue reading

The New Nabors? Muppets set to return in primetime NBC sitcom

WIth their first film in a decade set to open shortly, The Muppets seem to be entering a phase of frenetic activity. NBC has reportedly ordered scripts for a proposed new primetime comedy, titled The New Nabors, that would follow the adventures of a couple who find that their new neighbours are Muppets. The New … Continue reading

Netflix signs deal for new Arrested Development from 2013

Arrested Development is back with new episodes in 2013, with a deal having been signed with Netflix. Although it had already been revealed that new episodes would be produced in advance of a planned movie, it had previously not been clear where the episodes would emerge. Details of the new episodes are scant. It’s not … Continue reading

Obituary: Danger Mouse, Count Duckula co-creator Mark Hall dies aged 75

Mark Hall, who co-created a slew of popular British cartoons including Danger Mouse and Count Duckula, has died at the age of 75. He had been suffering from cancer and died at his home in Manchester, surrounded by his family. Together with Brian Cosgrove, Mark Hall set up the Cosgrove Hall animation company in the … Continue reading

All My Children paused as Prospect Park moves ahead with online One Life to Live

Long-running US soap opera All My Children has been put on hold after new owners Prospect Park reportedly decided that they only need one soap for their upcoming online TV channel. Since One Life to Live is already further ahead with preparations for a 2012 online launch, All My Children is ending after more than … Continue reading

Top Coronation Street stars to return for Betty Driver funeral episode

An upcoming episode of Coronation Street is set to feature a host of former cast members returning to pay their respects to the recently departed Betty Williams, played by Betty Driver. The funeral episode is being planned following the real-life funeral of Driver, who died recently at the age of 91. Among the former Coronation … Continue reading

Nationwide ATM is first Coronation Street product placement deal

A Nationwide ATM cashpoint is to be installed in Coronation Street‘s famous Corner Shop before the end of the year, marking the first instance of product placement in the 51-year-old soap. A Nationwide sign is also to be erected outside the shop. The deal comes after Ofcom relaxed rules about product placement back in February … Continue reading