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Caitlin Beadles reportedly diagnosed with stomach cancer

Sources on Twitter are suggesting that Caitlin Beadles has allegedly been diagnosed with stomach cancer. It’s not clear whether this is true, and it’s always kind of hard to know when these stories are correct and when they’re just Chinese whispers. It was reported last year that Caitlin Beadles had Crohn’s Disease, and at the … Continue reading

Glenda Monster becomes Twitter trend after apparent bullying suicide

Twitter is flooded tonight with messages about Glenda Monster, reportedly a Lady Gaga fan who committed suicide because she was being bullied. As is usually the case with these trends, it’s not possible to verify if the actual story behind the claims is true. If the Glenda Monster story turns out to be true, she … Continue reading

Ed Miliband makes Blackbusters gaffe while commenting on Bob Holness death

Labour leader Ed Miliband expressed his sadness today following that Blockbusters host Bob Holness has died, but a bit of a fuss has erupted after Miliband allegedly misspelled the name of the show as Blackbusters. Twitter has an ability to blow up the most ludicrous controversies, and it’s clear that Miliband (or whoever updates his … Continue reading

Twitter verification system under scrutiny after Wendi Deng account is confirmed to be fake

The high-profile Wendi Deng Twitter account has been proven to be a fake, even though it had the much-coveted Twitter verification logo for a while. The whole palaver has raised questions about how, exactly, Twitter verifies whether accounts of celebrities are genuine. Confirmation of the fakery came from the account itself on Tuesday afternoon. Allegedly, … Continue reading

Sweden to let a different citizen curate @Sweden Twitter account each week

The Swedish tourism authorities have hit upon a novel way of using the country’s @Sweden Twitter account. Each week, a different citizen will be given the ‘keys’ to the account and will be able to curate its content and messages. The Curators of Sweden project aims to democratise the attempt to create a ‘voice’ for … Continue reading

Rupert Murdoch joins Twitter!

Rupert Murdoch has apparently joined Twitter. While many initially doubted the veracity of the @RupertMurdoch account, it has now been verified by Twitter and the microblogging site’s Jack Dorsey has confirmed the news. Still, nagging questions remain: is it really, really, really him? The Murdoch account is endearingly bare bones at the moment. Whereas many … Continue reading

Is #RIPJays15thPhone the dumbest Twitter trend of 2011?

Just as we were compiling a list of the dumbest Twitter trends of 2011, along comes a late contender: #RIPJays15thPhone. What happened? Apparently Jay from The Wanted lost his 15th phone and is now trying to decide what to get as a replacement. The trend has set off something of a war of words between … Continue reading

Should the Taliban be banned from Twitter? Joe Lieberman proposes block

US senator Joe Lieberman, chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, has called for the Taliban to be banned from using Twitter. But critics argue that banning the use of social media by extremist groups risks leading to a system where non-mainstream voices are blocked altogether. Banning the Taliban from Twitter would not really achieve … Continue reading

Last #malikmonday of 2011, but which band will dominate Twitter in 2012?

2011 has undoubtedly been the year of One Direction on Twitter, as fans of the band have succeeded in getting their heroes on the worldwide top 10 trending topics list almost every day. But with 1Ders celebrating the finalĀ #malikmonday of the year, which band will take over as top Twitter band in 2012? It’s possible … Continue reading

#staystrongzane trends on Twitter as One Direction fans support their idols

#staystrongzane is trending on Twitter tonight as One Direction fans defend singer Zayn Malik against various comments. It seems Malik received some racist abuse on Twitter, prompting his fans to rush to his defence. Some musical acts seem to inspire rabid online devotion via Twitter. The most obvious is Justin Bieber, who dominated the early … Continue reading