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VirginMaryWasaMilf tag causes controversy on Twitter

Twitter tags come and go, but one has caused controversy on Christmas Eve after some Christians became enraged over the #VirginMaryWasaMilf phrase, which has hit the top of the trending charts. For some, the phrase is just a joke, but others see it as disrespectful of one of the key figures of Christian mythology at a … Continue reading

Saudi Prince Prince Alwaleed bin Talal takes $300m stake in Twitter

Prince Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, one of Saudi Arabia’s richest men, has taken a $300m stake in Twitter. The prince now owns 3.75% of the company, which is consequently valued at approximately $8bn, a figure that is higher than some analysts expected. Prince Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is the second-largest investor in Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, but … Continue reading

Arkansas overturns Erickson Dimas-Martinez conviction over juror’s use of Twitter

Arkansas has overturned the murder conviction of death row inmate Erickson Dimas-Martinez after a juror was revealed to have made comments about the case on Twitter. The defendant’s lawyers also claimed that another juror was asleep during part of the case. The juror allegedly made a number of fairly vague comments via Twitter about the … Continue reading

New Twitter aims to reinvent one of the world’s most popular social networks

New Twitter changes are being rolled out, and they represent a pretty massive change to the traditional model and interface of the Twitter that millions use every day. The aim is to create a simplified design that will be more consistent across the various platforms that are used to access Twitter these days. The redesign … Continue reading

Kansas governor Sam Brownback apologises for Emma Sullivan tweet overreaction

Kansas governor Sam Brownback has reportedly apologised for his team’s “overreaction” to a tweet from a school student. Emma Sullivan, 18, had mildly criticised Brownback via Twitter, prompting her school to demand an apology. Sullivan refused earlier on Monday to write a letter of apology, saying that it wouldn’t be sincere. Her school is reported … Continue reading

Emma Sullivan refuses to apologise over Sam Brownback tweet

A Kansas City teenager is refusing to apologise about a tweet she sent regarding governor Sam Brownback. According to Emma Sullivan, any apology would be insincere since she’s not sorry, and she’s likely to miss Monday’s deadline to file her apology. The high school senior saw Brownback in Topeka last week. She tweeted that she … Continue reading

Did Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Melissa Kellerman get kicked off Twitter?

You might have seen that on Thursday, during the team’s Thanksgiving Day game against the Miami Dolphins, Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Melissa Kellerman was accidentally tackled by one of the players. She was fine, and she tweeted a few jokey comments about the incident the following day. Then her Twitter account abruptly disappeared. A post on … Continue reading

Ashley Billasano Twitter account points to hidden horrors

Ashley Billasano‘s Twitter account apparently no longer features some of the more harrowing tweets that she posted before her suicide earlier this week. It’s not clear who had them removed. But the impact of her death remains, and many people are still wondering how someone with 500 followers could be so open about her plans … Continue reading

Ashton Kutcher to take a break from Twitter following Joe Paterno tweets

Ashton Kutcher (for it is he) is reportedly planning to take a break from Twitter for a while after running into trouble with his comments about Penn State coach Joe Paterno. Kutcher was criticised by some for expressing shock at the firing of Paterno, who was let go in the midst of a scandal involving … Continue reading

Texas teen Ashley Billasano commits suicide after 144 tweets about abuse

An 18-year-old Texas girl has committed suicide after tweeting 144 times about the abuse to which she claims she was subjected. Ashley Billasano had updated her 500+ followers about how she found there wasn’t enough evidence to go after the man she claims abused her. Finally, she tweeted about her (ultimately successful) bid ot kill … Continue reading

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