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Gabrielle Giffords returns to Tucson to mark first anniversary of shooting

Gabrielle Giffords has returned to Tucson, Arizona to mark the first anniversary of the shooting in which she nearly died and in which six people died. A bell tolled six times at exactly 10:11am, to mark the deaths as well as the struggles of the thirteen people who survived the shooting. In the immediate aftermath … Continue reading

Mother of Lauren Scruggs talks about daughter’s recovery from propeller accident

The mother of editor / model Lauren Scruggs has been talking about her daughter’s slow recovery from a near-fatal propeller accident that occurred a few weeks ago. On December 5th 2011, Lauren Scruggs accidentally walked into the propeller of a small plane at an airport in Texas. Scruggs’ injuries are horrific: she lost her left … Continue reading

2 confirmed dead after Virginia Tech shooting, gunman still at large

Two people have been confirmed dead at Virginia Tech following a shooting today. The suspect is still at large and is believed to still be on the campus. One of the victims is believed to be a police officer who stopped the victim and was shot. He is said to have returned fire. The other … Continue reading

After 27 years, Virginia court clears Thomas Haynesworth of rape

After spending 27 years in jail, Thomas Haynesworth has been cleared of rape by a Virginia court. A ‘writ of actual innocence’ has been issued for him, confirming that the original conviction has been overturned. Thomas Haynesworth was 18 years old when he was convicted of three rapes back in 1984. Now in his 40s, … Continue reading

Texas fashion magazine editor Lauren Scruggs injured after walking into plane propeller

The editor of a Texan fashion magazine has been seriously injured after walking into the propeller of a small plane. Lauren Scruggs, 23, has lost a hand and suffered head, brain and shoulder injuries in the incident at a private airport. Scruggs had reportedly been on a flight to view Christmas lights in the area. … Continue reading

US preacher Billy Graham admitted to hospital with possible pneumonia

93-year-old US preacher Billy Graham has reportedly been admitted to Mission Hospital in Asheville with suspected pneumonia. The legendary Southern Baptist preacher was previously treated for pneumonia back in May this year. During his decades-long career, Billy Graham has appeared before stadium crowds. He shot to fame on TV and radio, and has since given … Continue reading

Row over plans to let Reagan shooter John Hinckley Jr spend more time out of hospital

There’s a growing row in America over plans to let John Hinckley Jr, the man who shot President Ronald Reagan in the 80s, spend more time away from hospital. The plans envision Hinckley eventually leaving hospital altogether and living with his mother. Hinckley has reportedly been allowed to have 10-day visits with his mother recently, … Continue reading

US Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer sues employer over ‘problem drinking’ claim

Dakota Meyer, the 23-year-old Marine Corps sergeant awarded the US Medal of Honor earlier this year, is reportedly suing his employer over claims that he allegedly has a problem with drinking. Meyer claims that he allegedly asked his employer to stop selling a range of high-tech sniper scopes to the Pakistan military. He says he … Continue reading

Black Friday 2011: shootings, stabbings, pepper spray and bargains

As Black Friday 2011 draws to a close, America is taking stock of its annual celebration of extreme shopping. So far, there are reports of a shooting, a stabbing and a pepper-spraying. The shooting happened during an attempted robbery in the car park of a store in San Leandro, near Oakland. The circumstances of the … Continue reading

Pepper spray in the air as shoppers occupy stores as Black Friday kicks off

Both involve large crowds of people. Both have seen pepper spray fired. But is that where the comparisons between the Occupy movement and Black Friday end? With the economic climate still gloomy, many stores in America have opened their doors at midnight to admit the hoardes of rampant shoppers. At a store in Los Angeles, … Continue reading