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Does new video show a real, live woolly mammoth in Siberia?

A new video is claiming to show a real, live woolly mammoth in Siberia. The video, said to have been recorded by an engineer during summer 2011, has been going viral, leading some people to speculate that a hidden colony of the beasts – thought to have become extinct 3,500 years ago – might have … Continue reading

Mummified body found in bank air vent in Lyon, France

A mummified body has been found stuck inside an air vent in a bank in Lyon, France. Emergency workers are now working to identify the body and work out who he might be. So far, it’s not clear how long the body might have been in place. Workers at the bank have reportedly been complaining … Continue reading

Mysterious Canadian farmhouse with padlocked dungeon mysteriously burns down

Here’s a pretty strange story from Canada. In late December, it was reported that police investigating an abandoned farmhouse in Pickering, southern Ontario discovered that the place had a padlocked basement dungeon. Now that investigation has been somewhat impeded after the house mysteriously burnt down. It’s a story with lots of questions but, so far, … Continue reading

Swedish woman loses wedding ring in 1995, finds it on a carrot in 2011

A Swedish woman has found her wedding ring on a carrot growing in her garden, 16 years after the ring vanished. Lena Paahlsson from Mora, in central Sweden, was pulling up carrots recently when she discovered the ring. Paahlsson believes that the ring fell off when she was peeling vegetables in the mid 90s, after … Continue reading

Thousands of birds die after mistaking Utah Walmart parking lot for water

Thousands of birds have died after mistaking the parking lot of a Utah Walmart store for an expanse of water. The grebes are believed to have flown head-first into the parking lot at fast enough speeds to die. Aroun 2,000 birds were saved, while many more died. They didn’t all hit the parking lot. Some … Continue reading

Who is the mysterious Santa who has poisoned eight people at Berlin Christmas markets?

If a man dressed as Santa Claus offered you a drink at a Christmas market, would you take it? Eight people in Berlin have fallen ill after accepting drinks from an unidentified 40-year-old man, with the latest victim being a 15-year-old girl who had to go to hospital after the incident on Saturday. The girl … Continue reading

Utah man shot in butt by dog

A Utah man was shot in the butt by his own dog, as the pair were out fishing in a boat in a marshy area of the Great Salt Lake. The owner of the dog was apparently bending over at the time, and the excited dog accidentally caused the gun to discharge. The man suffered … Continue reading

Elderly man returns money he says he stole from Sears department store in the 40s

An elderly man has returned – with interest – some money he says he stole from a Sears cash register in the 40s. The man reportedly took $20 70 years ago, and has now handed back $100. The man has not been identified and Sears say they will not be seeking to track him down. … Continue reading

Pakistan woman Zainab Bibi allegedly accused of killing and cooking husband Ahmad Abbas

A Pakistan woman has been accused of killing and cooking her husband. Zainab Bibi, 32, allegedly tried to cut up and cook the body of Ahmad Abbas in order to get rid of his remains, but neighbours reported the foul smell. According to local media, Bibi allegedly claimed that she killed her husband because he … Continue reading

Connecticut man wins election due to typo

A Connecticut man has won a local election after officials misspelled the name of the man who was actually supposed to be on the ballot. Residents of Derby thought they were voting for James R. Butler to take another term on the Board of Apportionment and Taxation, but the typo means Butler’s son James J. … Continue reading