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RIM hacked after promising to help British police track down rioters #londonriots

Research in Motion (RIM), makers of the Blackberry mobile device, have reportedly been hacked by Team PoisoN after promising to help British police identify trouble-makers in the London riots. The Blackberry Messaging service (BBM) has been used widely by rioters, who are attracted by its strong level of encryption and its relatively low cost. While … Continue reading

Blackberry maker RIM says it has no plans to shut down BBM, but will help police track down rioters #londonriots

Research in Motion (RIM), the company behind the Blackberry devices and the Blackberry Messager (BBM) service, has denied reports on Monday night that it was considering suspending BBM in the wake of the London riots. Over the weekend, it emerged that BBM was the communication method of choice of many of those who were working … Continue reading

Fears grow over possible third night of London riots on Monday

As the clean-up operation continues in Tottenham, Enfield, Brixton and other parts of London affected by the weekend’s riots, the big question is: will there be more violence? There will undoubtedly be a heavy police presence near any potential troublespots on Monday night and, most likely, for the rest of the week. And many people … Continue reading

How Blackberry Messenger (BBM) became the social network of the London riots #Enfield

While various newspapers are claiming that Twitter and Facebook were used to organise the weekend’s London riots, it seems that the network of choice for protesters might instead have been the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) system, originally developed for office workers. As early as 2pm on Sunday afternoon, police were apparently warning Enfield residents that there … Continue reading